Saturday, December 10, 2011

Okay, so the other night...

We were lying in bed loving on each other and started talking.

We do this thing, that...typing it out, it's really dumb sounding but yeah. Instead of "Truth or Dare" we do "Truth or Truth". This started a long time ago when we realized neither of us ever picked dare, so we'll play truth or truth and it's a fun way to open up about things.

Lots of topics come up, I ask her why she hasn't fucked me with the strapon yet, knowing that it's because she's kind of afraid of hurting me. She answered and I explained that if we took it slow, she wouldn't hurt me, and also the dildo that comes with the strapon is a bit smaller than the one I've gone to town on so yeah.

So one of the truth or truth topics was me asking her to tell me a secret, that was sexual in nature, and she responded by telling me that when I'm gone she enjoys watching gay porn.

I told her that didn't count because she had already told me that, and we talked about for a bit more. I was asking her the site she went to for her cruising, and she showed me pornhub, because she had read about it in an issue of Cosmo a few years ago. They said it had a "female friendly" section, and she remarked that she never really went there. Lol.

So we're talking about porn and I ask her what kind of gay porn she likes, adding that I don't really like the scripted stuff. She agreed that amateur was way better, and I showed her Xtube. Specifically, I showed her this video:

One of my favorite on Xtube because 1) the naked boy has got a HOT body and 2) I love the way she giggles and finds joy in their frustrations.

So we watch the video, and afterwards she is teasing me, and talking to me, and asking me if I'd like to get fucked like that. I say yes, of course!, and she asks me if I want to be a good little fucktoy. I nod softly and she tells me I can start by taking off the cage.

So she teases me relentlessly for I don't even know how long. I think it was around an hour before we moved on to the strap on. Touching me, stroking me, fucking me and making me edge while inside of her. She just...she knows. She can watch me and get me so fucking close while she's on top of me and then bam! she quits.

Eventually it got to the point where I was fucking her, missionary, and was almost to the point of tears. She began making fun of me, asking me if I was going to cry, asking me if I couldn't handle it, telling em I begged her to tease me and now I can't handle it, etc.

At one point she told me I was pathetic and to get the fuck off of her. God damnit it was so hot.

She let me enter her again and again I began whimpering and whining in frustration. She told me to finish with my mouth because I was too close to cumming, and while I was going down on her she informed me that once I made her come, she was going to fuck me.

My brain went berserk, and my tongue followed suit.

She came. Hard. Really hard.

Then we got ready for the strap-on, and although it was a bit awkward at first (as I've heard most first times with a strap on are) once we got into the rhythm of things, I was begging her to fuck me harder and harder, and I think I was pretty vocal. Afterwards, she told me that we probably pissed off the neighbors. Fuck them! They're up all night and keep us up half the time anyway. :P

Anyway, I was down on my stomach with my ass up in the air and my now extremely hypersensitive cock grinding against the bedsheets as she fucked my ass. It was amazing, though not as long as I wished we could have gone. She pulled out of me, and said she thought she'd better stop. I asked if she was tired and she said yes, so we stopped and I unrolled the condom and then cleaned up our stuff.

I came back to bed and was allowed to come, and it was fucking amazing. I was laying next to her, stroking myself and she was playing with my nipples and talking dirty to me, egging me on, and being a bit mean (at my request actually) and when I came it was sooooo fucking amazing. Two days of lockup and a few hours of teasing will do that to a guy.

In summary:

  • let out of cage
  • teased for hours by hand and amazing body
  • fucked silly by Mommy with the strapon
  • allowed to orgasm
  • luckiest guy in the world

best. night. ever.

I was going to post a long drawn out blog post about this but I am SO tired and I need to be up in oh, three and a half hours for work.

The short version is that she finally used the strap-on on me.

long version to come tomorrow after work when I have time.

Monday, December 5, 2011

uh oh!

So I was naughty.

like just now.

So horny little boy though process went like this:

  • Go take a shower
  • Fuck myself with the big toy 
  • get myself nice and warmed up
  • get out of shower
  • tell mommy about it and how I was so horny and wanted her to fuck me with the strap on
  • get my brains fucked out
and Mommy thought process was more like :
"You didn't ask me to play with the toy so I'm not going to reward you."

So now I'm sitting here hornier than I was before and just having to deal with it. :(

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Work, Bleh, other shit.

finals are coming up, and I've been working a bit more with my job.

Got home from work today and was feeling sick as a dog. Mommy had a bunch of stuff around the house that she had done and was pampering me a bit. I love her so much! I'm kind of a baby when I'm sick, but since I never get sick I think it's okay. :P

Anyways, I saw the little red pouch that my Jailbird came in sitting on the coffee table and I grabbed it to see why it was sitting out. Mommy looked up at me, smiled, and said "That reminds me, I was going to give that to you to put on."

Okay, for people who aren't really aware of things like this......

That was awesome.

Most of the time, I put the cage on and give her the key. She thanks me, etc., but it's usually me doing it and her deciding when I'm unlocked. For her to tell me to lock up...that's just....really cool :)

It's silly, but I like it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seven days.

Seven days is how long I've been locked.

I was also told that when we get home she's going to unlock me and tease me a bit, but I don't know if I'll get to have an orgasm or not. Will probably come back and update this post after it happens. keeping my fingers crossed, but I don't know for what yet.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black friday!

So I locked up earlier this week, and have actually been able to leave the cage on. I've been getting used to the smaller ring, and had some nighttime erections where I just couldn't deal with it, mostly because I didn't want to be sleep deprived for class.

I saw thanksgiving break as an opportunity to stay in a little more, you know?

I'm five days in now. Longer than I've gone in a long, long time.

Saw a video yesterday from called "Goodnight Mama's boy" where the Mistress is doing this lovey dovey Mommy type character.

OH MY GOD. She's my new favorite video making Mistress. I was so excited all day yesterday after watching it, and after I finally calmed down, I could feel the precum just oozing out of me and onto my leg.

god it was so hot....and now it's day five and I just got out of the shower, which was REALLY good this morning feeling the water spraying down onto me.

Part of me wants to cum REALLY REALLY bad, but another part of me wants to see how long she can make me go.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I've been contemplating writing some erotica lately.

I've had an idea for the beginning of some story in my head and that's about it.

Funny that I'll do this but put off assigned writings until the last minute.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i've been really bored lately.

So Mommy's given me the okay to search out a male friend.

I've posted some stuff on fetlife, but no luck. (I wrote suck the first time, lol)

Seriously though, what kind of Daddy doesn't want a locked up boy to give him some oral service on the regular? That's all I want really, he doesn't even have to fuck me.

le sigh.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am..

going to be sick tomorrow morning. :(

Worked all day yesterday, makin' that paper.
came home from visiting family tonight and I feel like bantha poodoo.

yay body that gets sick when the weather changes!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


On a scale of 1-10, the other night was a 10 for sure.

But yesterday was a fucking hoverboard.

Yes you read that correctly. On a school of 1-10, yesterday was a Hoverboard.

This post requires me to take you back nearly two years.

We had celebrated our fourth anniversary, and I had given myself to her. She had given me a CB6000 for my birthday, and I had found out that a girl I worked with was also very kinky. We decided that it would be okay for to know about everything, and if anything, she could keep tabs on me when I was at work and report back if I did anything punish worthy.

The girl was gorgeous, and very sexually liberal (obviously.) She didn't wear panties most of the time, (she had informed me) and thought I was apparently cute enough.

Obviously, the very first thing my mind went to was her blackmailing me into eating her out in the storage area, and I came to find out that that had crossed her mind quite a few times as well.

So here's the thing. Goddess/Mommy (I need to get a better name to refer to her with on the blog. It's hard keeping up with it, because she does enjoy the Mommy dynamic, just as long as I'm not pushing it all the goddamn time.) and I had always been very open with each other, and as of today we have a fairly open relationship. This was two years ago though.

When we talked about our fantasies, and things like threesomes, she told me how much she loved the idea of me cheating. Not "cheating" cheating, like going out on dates and falling in love with someone, but just me going and fucking some girl and not okaying it with her first.

So here I go, I'm going to make a ballsy move. The girl at work, we'll call her "N", was having some boyfriend drama and was showing interest in me. We had texted, she had sent me some pictures of herself, and even sent me a nice little voice message where she talked all dirty and berated me a little bit. I got out of class one evening and we were texting and it came up. I invited her over and she was there at my house (well, my parents') a few minutes later.

N was well aware of our situation, save the fact the Goddess would be okay with it.  In fact, I had tried to explain to N about the situation, but she thought that there was some bad blood between her and Goddess for some odd reason, and wanted it to be in secret. I think she said that if she knew the other person knew about it, it would make her feel all bad and guilty or something. Either way, it happened.

She was very dominant. She came over and we laid in my bed talking about work and other bullshit until  I kissed her. We started making out and eventually I felt the need to come clean to her about how I had masturbated the night before without permission. She had been texting me, and we had talked about how I was supposed to ask. I told her (as I had told Goddess...leaving out what I had masturbated over) that I had jacked off without permission to the pictures she sent me the night before.

She chastised me and then told me to take it out and start touching myself like I had done when I was looking at her pictures, and I did as I was told. She was telling me all sorts of things and eventually made her way down and started sucking my cock. Oh my god she could suck cock. Fuck, she could suck cock. She came up and made me lay across the bed, and straddled my face. She ground herself into me while she continued to suck my cock until she came. I don't think she let me...I can't remember.

We hung out one other time but she was a bit more....distant? I dunno. We watched a horror movie and I sat down on the floor in front of her while she was up on the couch. She wasn't wearing any shorts or panties but wouldn't let me touch her, or worship her pussy or anything. Just sat there at her feet.

I had every intention of telling Goddess while it was going on, but after I had done it.....I felt guilty, and I was very scared that she wouldn't react well.

also, Goddess thought N was pretty hot, and probably would have had hot nasty lesbian scissor sex with her if given the chance.
                                                       Scissor me, Xerxes!

Now Jump back to last night:
We are lying in bed and Goddess is talking about how she feels bad for wanting to other people sometimes, even though we have an "open" relationship. I ask her why and she tells me it's because of me and my hesitations about her doing things with other guys.

I had to explain to her that it was something that I very much wanted, but I am the type of person who needs a push sometimes. I am the type of person who will go to a water park, and be completely stoked about the slide until I get to the top and sit down and go "Oh shit. Oh christ." and sometimes I need someone to hold my hand and help me with those things.

We continue talking about our relationship and things and she brings up me doing things with other girls. Now I know I am allowed to play with other guys, but I have never felt truly comfortable about fucking other girls/telling her. She asks if I would and I said "yes, if you were okay with it." to which she responded along the lines of "fuck, I wish you would."

The conversation went something like this.


"well yeah, I've told you that over and over."

"well....uh...I have to tell you something."


"I......I.....did stuff with N"

"oh okay, you're just saying that to make me horny so I'll fuck you"

"No! I really did!"

I told her everything that happened, and I was pretty scared she'd be pissed......

but she fucked my brains out and I even got to come. That was after the spanking I got for keeping it from her for two years. I was made to promise (while being flogged with the least painful of our whips/paddles) that I would NEVER keep something like that from her again, and I did, very willingly.


I don't even know what to say, really. I was scared that it was all talk, and it took a lot for me to tell her. I do feel bad for lying, so that's NOT gonna happen again.

so that's how awesome my life really is. I swear to god I am living in a porno or something.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Had some amazing fun last night.

She was in a very Mommy mood last night.

I was allowed out of chastity to make love to her. After we kissed and cuddled and she was ready for me, I was allowed to penetrate her and my cock was going insane from the moment her lips wrapped around my throbbing member.

She was talking all kinds of dirty and calling me her Baby Boy, telling me what a good job I was doing for Mommy and how much she loved me, and with every bit of praise, I would whimper, having to hold back my orgasm. She knew this, and kept cooing at me, reveling in the agony that I was in.

She cooed so sweetly at me and asked if my little cocklet was too close to continue fucking her, and I nodded, whimpering loudly out of frustration. She then told me to tell her that I couldn't fuck her anymore because I "couldn't control my little cock."

As soon as the words left my mouth, she forced my head down into her crotch and told me to finish, adding "you are not going to come tonight."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Dream

I was walking into a restaurant alone. It was something like a Bennigan's or a TGI Friday's, only once I walked past the outdoor bar area into the actual restaurant it was obvious that it wasn't a restaurant at all. It was some sort of lab. There was a dead man lying on the floor, his neck was mangled and oozing. Someone approached me from behind and the man on the floor started moving. In my dreamstate, I recognized he was a zombie... Or some sort of Zombie type infected person.

The person told me I needed to follow her, (It was a woman. I think she was black, or mixed race. Not that it matters.) and I did. We quickly went into a room that was in the middle of this complex, and it was obvious that the man I had seen on the floor wasn't the only one that was there. The room was rather large. A rectangular common room with a small rectangular office on one side. There was a door on each long side, opposite each other; diagonally. The walls were about waist high, and had shatterproof glass going up to the ceiling. (you know, the type that has the metal lattice going through it) There were a few other people in the room, maybe eight total including myself and the woman. The zombie types were assembling outside of the room, and a few minutes had passed. Maybe an hour.

All of a sudden this monstrous thing slammed against the glass. It had thrown itself against the glass and was stuck against it, like some sort of diseased, genetically mutated cephalopod that was trying to get to us.

It slammed itself against the glass again, and the window gave way under the sheer weight of this beast. It had jumped into the room and in one fluid motion had taken three people in it's gob. They were standing and were walking towards us. This thing was using them, and they were stuck inside of it like fingers inside of some monstrous bloodthirsty glove. Somehow I knew that I had to cut the people out of this thing, and had my pocketknife (which surprisingly was my actual pocket knife that I carry around.) out in a flash. I sliced this thing a few dozen times and eventually was able to free its captives.

The woman who had originally brought me inside was thanking me, and I looked at the clock and realized I had an appointment to get to. (Weirdest part of the dream. Getting out of a zombie filled building because of an appointment? I think it was the dentist.) The woman told me to go, and to hurry. I ran out of the door that I had come in, back to the outdoor patio/bar of the restaurant. There were people drinking and eating, and a man heading towards the door I was walking through. I told him quite firmly not to go in the building and made my way to my car. (It was actually my girlfriend's car)

There was a beautiful japanese girl standing by the door. I don't know if she is real or not, but I was instantly reminded of hitomi tanaka (porn actress) and yoko matusgane. (regular model) She was wearing a pink teddy, and a thong. One of those over the top frilly, cutesy ones that has a little poof on it and rides really high on the hips. As I walked to the car I opened my arms and she fell into my embrace and held herself tight against me. I could feel myself growing, pulsating, pushing against her. I was imagining how beautiful she'd look when I had her naked in a few minutes. Her neatly trimmed tuft of hair right on top of her soft pussy was all that was on my mind as she pressed herself against me even harder. I could feel my cock throbbing and aching for her, and as my hand reached down to her ass to pull her even closer to me, we began to kiss and I woke up.

I've never had a dream that was that intense. (towards the end) It was fucking weird because when I woke up I was hard as a rock, and I realized that what I felt when she was rubbing her barely covered sex against me was really just myself grinding against my underwear. lol.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

some things

We've been playing a lot more racquetball lately. I also locked up the other day and then she said she wanted to go play...I was worried about the cage and everything, but to be honest if I'm wearing undies and not boxers, it's no problem. It's awesome.

haven't used the cage as much as I'd like, but we're trying. :P school takes up a lot of our time.

She really loooooooves the design of the jailbird. She likes that she can touch me and give my poor imprisoned cock a few kisses and tease me further.

I have a bit of a crush on my English professor, as well. He's cute, and young. If he weren't my professor and I saw him at a bar I might try and buy him a drink, but for now I'll just stare at his ass while he's lecturing. :P

other than that......not a whole lot is going on in our lives. We went to a munch recently, but she was really uncomfortable, and I kinda was as well. I was under the impression that it was going to be completely vanilla, and then people started having discussions about old hang outs and old scenes (as in towns/bars) and using names, and referring to people as "Master such and such" and it was kinda not vanilla anymore. She gets really anxious, even to the point of feeling sick and that was one of those times.

I have been watching a TON of these hypno style trainer videos that I got off of ourdirtypleasure. I really enjoy the bimbo fantasy. Like....not so much the sissy aspect of it all anymore (although that's still a fun fantasy, obviously) but the bimbo-ization is what gets me. I'd love to be hypnotized into a drooling, silly little boy who only knows how to do what he's told, and is always happy and giggling, and ready for service.

Last night was another night when my insomnia kicked in and I only got a few hours of sleep, so I played some Fallout for a bit and tried to go to bed around 1, woke up four or five times and was up at 7. ugh.

Think I'm going to take a nap here in a few minutes before we go get some dinner.
oh shit, I almost forgot. I need to call my student loan people too! Lots to do today.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello Blog!

Oh how I've missed you.

My life has been insanely busy lately. School started back up, and with that came work. I'm also doing a bit of interning with a local business so I'm spread pretty thin when it comes down to sexytimes.

I got an email the other day from a woman who worked for an adult toy company, asking me if I'd be interested in doing some sort of Toy review for them. From what I understand, they send you a toy of your choosing (from a specific list obviously) and then you just....write a blog that is somehow about it, put up a few links, and then send them the link to the blog post. Next month you get a new one and do the same.

It seems interesting, and it's not EXACTLY being an advertising-whore. The representative made it sound as if you could basically do anything you wanted as long as the toy was mentioned (and I'm assuming not badmouthed, lol.) and you linked to them on the blog post. Like I said, seems interesting but I don't know if I'll have much time to blog in the future, let alone do posts like that, and I'd hate to see myself neglecting actual blogging in turn for something like that. (although, It IS pretty cool that I'd be getting free sex toys. I think any company who's willing to do something like this is pretty cool. So we'll see.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

some captioned pictures.

I started a thread a few days ago on an imageboard for people into chastity, and it took off like a rocket so I think it's going to be a mainstay. I'll make the thread and all the regulars can check in, and people who've never thought about chastity can get turned to the dark side.

Anyways, it was mostly guys and some of them were gay, so I decided I'd take a bunch of my pictures and cap them with a macro generator so here they are:


and also thanks to user PinkSilk at Imagefap, they used some of my pictures to make a nice little caption that I found the other night!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just an update, a picture of the jailbird.

Just want to thank everyone who reads these updates and show you all my amazing birthday gift! This thing is AMAZING. Thanks so much to Mature Metal and Mistress Mature Metal. They are awesome. Not only did they make me an awesome deal on this, but Mistress Mature Metal has been in contact with me on Fetlife after I received the device, just to make sure everything went swimmingly. She even asked me if I'd like to send in a picture for their "Wall of Fame" in their office! lol.

Once again, these people are awesome. If you're thinking of buying a custom device, put mature metal at the top of your list!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We just got home from a weekend with our parents

So, we get home earlier and I check the mail and there it is. The box.

I am drooling.

I am excited.

I can't wait to rip it open.

We took care of some things and I took some trash out that I forgot before we left, and then I asked if I could open my "birthday present." She said yes, and after looking at it for a while, I asked if I could try it on, and she told me not right now.

I think she's doing it on purpose because sitting here looking at it and thinking about it is making me go insane. XD

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finals are over!

and my birthday's coming up!

Making plans to have people meet at my parents' house, and enjoying the few weeks of summer vacation I get between summer and fall semesters.

Paid for the new cage yesterday, and waiting for it to ship. I'm so excited! Here's a picture of it, just to show you guys what I'm getting. This isn't his normal design, it has a locking pin on it like the CBXXXX series does. I'm so excited!

Did I mention I'm excited!?


Wowie wowie wow wow.
It's 1:45 am right now. We just had some amazing fun. Still high and in subspace.

We are lying in bed and she throws the covers off of me and we being to kiss and canoodle, and eventually she reaches for me. I can tell this is going to be one of those awesome tease sessions because she is cooing at me and telling me I'm such a sexy boy, and using that voice that I love so much. She tells me I'm a sexy boy, and a good boy, and she asks me if I love being submissive to her, doing everything she says. I am in subspace at this point and agree to everything she says. She tells me to tell her how much I love being submissive to her and I try to scramble some sort of thought in my brain and answer correctly (I think I did ok.)  We change our positioning up and I ask her if she would use some lube, and she obliges me. She stroked me and teased me, and when I got to the edge I would try my best to hold back. She would coo at me and tell me what a good boy I was for trying so hard not to come, and eventually I was begging her. She got to this point....she was really enjoying my frustration. lots of "awwwws" and "you poor baby"s. She told me she loved hearing me beg for her, and that drove me even wilder, and I begged even more.

then shit got serious. She started touching me very lightly, just my head. I shuddered and made some squirms and told her how sensitive I was tonight. This turned into her stroking just the head of my cock...for...I don't even know how long. I was in agony. Sweet agony. She asked me ONCE if I wanted her to stop, and I shook my head, frustrated and desperate to come. But I knew I'd never come like this. It was torture. She had me on the verge of tears, and brought me back down. It was amazing. I was allowed to play with her and use my fingers to bring her to orgasm after she had her fill of teasing me, and I think I got some major brownie points for telling her how I really felt afterwards. "I'm feel like we just had the most amazing sex ever, and I don't even care that I didn't get to come. I'm just so happy that you came...and ....that endorphins are going crazy" and they were. This was about an hour ago, she's since fallen fast asleep (she came super hard. so wet. so fucking hot. I love it.) and I am up because the dog needed to go out. I wanted to write this all down before I forgot. I We haven't done anything like that in forever, and it made me feel amazing. I love her so much, and this night was just the icing on this amazing day cake I've been having.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today started off with a lull.

I had a bout of insomnia on sunday night and stayed up until 3:30 am or so, and spent most of yesterday studying for a test that I just finished (and I think I did pretty well on!)

Unfortunately, because of the insomnia I got tired around 5 and took a nap, and then I was up all night. I slept from about 4:30 to about 6:30 this morning, then got up and got ready for class and did some last minute cramming in the classroom before the professor got there.

I usually take my laptop with me to class but left it at the house today because I was just taking this test, and my phone's screen has been acting all wonky so I'm not able to check my email unless I have my computer.

So I walk in the door and look at the apartment and sigh, knowing I need to clean up before I try to get some more sleep. I grab a clif bar because I skipped breakfast on the way out and I check my email. First, my regular account. Nope, nothing new on fetlife. Then my school account. Nope, nothing from my professors.



I look in my inbox and what do I see? A DONATION.

And not just any donation, No sir. Not today, thank you kindly. THIS donation is from someone who has got big giant brass balls of a charitable persuasion. You probably want to stay anonymous, but you are awesome. You made my.....not even day. You made my everything! This is so amazing, I am literally taken aback. Not only did they donate, but gave 100% of what I needed to get the cage from Mature Metal.

You are an awesome person, and I hope everyone who knows you can appreciate just how awesome you really are.

Thank you so much for your generosity. This is this is too cool. I don't even know what else to say. I just wanted to let everyone know that somewhere, out there, reading this blog, is someone who is fucking awesome. And probably also drop dead sexy.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wow, is it almost August already?

This summer has been a very busy one for me.

Between school, and having to go back to our hometown for things we've been on the move constantly for the last month or so.

Some serious shit happened relationship wise and thankfully we are fine. I don't really want to go into detail, other than what I've said. Some stuff happened, but we worked it out and are happy now.

I can't believe my birthday is in almost two weeks. :D Hopefully by then everything will have gone as planned and I WILL be able to get that maturemetal cage. Even if it doesn't work out as planned, he told me he'd hold it for me.

For those of you that haven't read much, basically this is what happened.

  • My CB6000 broke.
  • I posted on fetlife ranting about how a product that SHOULD be able to prevent erections likes to split on you when you're trying to train yourself to go to a smaller ring.
  • MatureMetal emailed me on fetlife offering his condolences and pretty much being a good business man and offered a sales pitch
  • I told him how much I had been lusted over his stuff and how I would have bought one if I could afford one
  • He offered to look through his overstock stuff and told me to take some measurements.
  • I took measurements and gave them to him, and it turns out he had something someone ordered and didn't pay for that would fit me pretty much perfectly.
  • I informed him of the fact that he was awesome and politely asked him if he could hold it for me until mid august or so. (when my financial aid should come through and I'd get my money back from paying tuition/etc.) 
  • He told me that he would indeed hold it for me, and I did a little happy dance.

Aside from everything else going on, I've been pretty depressed. I was really pissed off at myself because our money situation could have been avoided had I not taken these summer classes so I could graduate next May. She reminded me again and again that this was for the best and it was not my fault, but I still felt like I was to blame. As far as August goes, I knew we were going to be late on our rent. It was inevitable. Even If I sold a guitar, or the other stuff I had craigslist we wouldn't have been able to cover all the bills that were due.

And then on top of all of that the damn CB6000 had to break again. Everything has to go bad all at once.

So for now, the maturemetal cage is my light at the end of the tunnel. I know all the other stuff is going to get paid for, whenever we can, and then after that I'll be able to get the cage, and that is a thought that's making me really happy. :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a breakthrough!

So a major breakthrough in my quest for a steel device.

I only need two hundred dollars to be able to get one.

I guess the donation idea was silly, but I was kinda hoping that there would be some crazy millionaire fetishist who would donate some of the money.

I've got some stuff up on craigslist that we are trying to get rid of anyway so i'm hoping that it will sell and I'll be able to get the funds together.

Other than that, we just took our first test in one of my classes (pretty sure I aced it) and I've got another one tomorrow that I'm going to have to spend most of today studying for. Woo.

So, Dear Reader, if you are sitting in front of your computer wondering "What am I going to do with this money!? I have all this money but NOTHING TO SPEND IT ON! WHY GOD!? WHY HAVE YOU CURSED ME WITH SUCH AN INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY!?????" here's a simple fix! Hit that donate button and make a blogging boy forever grateful!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My CB6000 just cracked.

This has already happened once, and I fixed it with some super glue, but it just snapped again.

god damnit.

I don't know if I'll be able to wear it if I can't get a proper fix soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

one of those nights.

So it's 1 a.m. and here I am typing up this blog. I've got to be up at 7 to be in class by 8 and I can't sleep. I was asleep for about an hour, and then the dog woke me up so I took him out and came back and just can't sleep.

I do get insomnia every now and then but this is different. My boypussy is aching. My cock is twitching, but not hard....wanting to leak. It's probably because I've been watching these damn videos from Ourdirtypleasure that I find so appealing. You know the ones, they show you a bunch of people sucking dicks or getting fucked and a bunch of words flash on the screen to melt your brain into a total cock whore. Too late for that, I already love dick lol...But these damn movies have got me all horny and all I can think about right now is fucking myself insane with my dildo.

It just really increases my urges towards men when I'm locked up. I guess my brain figures "well if I can't play with MY cock, I might as well play with SOMEONE'S cock...."

So here I am, sitting in my chair on the laptop trying to figure out how to get tired.....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The best day ever!

This post needs a little backstory.

For those of you that don't know, I have a very full life outside of kink. (Hence why my posts have been sporadic over the last few months.)

Aside from playing guitar, going to college and being the best subby boy possible, I love all things beer. Buying it, drinking it, and most of all MAKING it! I love brewing, and it's a passion I have only recently discovered seeing as I'll be 23 in august.

Okay, so anyway. Today we went to a local brewery's tour. It's a really small place as of right now and they make AWESOME beer. I'm not going to name any names but yeah. There is some other stuff that went on that I'm going to cross my fingers for, but I'm not going to talk about that here. :P

So we went to the brewery and I had a few dollars that we got from my parents last weekend, so I bought a souvenir 22oz glass for like seven bucks and of course I went to the free sample line. Tried some Stout and some Grisette and by the time I had finished both of those I was feeling pretty good.

So we came home and I took a nap because I was kinda tired and after an hour or so she came in and snuggled up to next to me and woke me up.  She tossed the covers off of me and started being all lovey dovey and I asked what she was doing. She told me she wanted to snuggle without pants, which made me laugh, and then she took her pants off (imagine that!) She was wearing these panties that are oh my god hot. Little thong things from Victoria's Secret with little stripes on them. 

I started kissing her hip, and she was really getting into it so I asked really politely if I could go down on her. She pulled me up and kissed me and then told me yes. By this time I was completely nude, except for my chastity device. She was on her back and I brought myself between her legs and she pulled me down and kissed me again. She lifted her foot up and started teasing me through my cage and then told me how much she wished I was unlocked. I laughed and told her that that was completely up to her, and then she told me to get my key from the bedside table.

I handed her the key and she unlocked me, and started stroking me. Oh god it felt so good. I had been locked since....either the third or fourth....we'll go ahead and say the fourth for good measure. She continued to kiss me and tease my cock and I could feel the heat of her pussy up against me and it was driving me wild. Her hands were running over my chest as hands are wont to do, and she twisted and pulled at my nipples like she has done so many times before. I was about to lose it, my cock was right up against her but she wasn't letting me enter, and the heat from her felt like it was going right into my core.

I finally begged her to let me enter her, and she smiled and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close with her legs and allowing me access. Man, it's been a long time since I'd been locked up and then used like this. Every thrust was making me go wild. Eventually she got so into it that she started calling me Baby Boy and telling me what a good boy I was, and I asked very politely for her to tell me that I wasn't allowed to come, and she obliged me. We continued and I asked her if she'd like to finish on top of me and she smiled and I assumed the position on my back. She got on top of me and started grinding me and god how I love that. Looking up at her, being underneath and basically trapped. Her going to town on top of me, just plain old using me like a fucktoy.

I got a little brave again and asked if she'd like to ride my face the way she was riding my cock, and she smiled and said something that I really can't remember. I was having a really hard time not coming at this point and I told her that if she wanted she could grind on my face and that would give her more control to make sure I didn't come. She straddled my face and as soon as I started kissing her I felt her hand wrap around my cock and start stroking me. She started to kiss my hip as I had done to her earlier and I could hear her going crazy. As her moans and gyrations picked up, so did the speed of her stroking and she entered that phase where I just new she was going to come. (also she told me how hard she was about to come all over my face, lol. I love when she talks like that!)

So the bang came and we continued a bit of loving, and she snuggled up next to me and told me it was time to go back in the cage. To be honest, that doesn't phase me. In fact I quite like it. I love the feeling it gives me, knowing that she just let me out so that she could have some fun, and that I was going right back in after she had used me to her liking.

So that was my day. How was yours?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm not very interesting these days, am I?

We just spent our last bit of money on rent so I doubt I'll be able to save up anything by my birthday to get the jailbird(I even sold my birdlocked because I hadn't been using it.) I've been locked up now for about three days and Summer II has started back up, so I'm putting my nose to the grindstone with my studies.

We had a nice fourth of July, and got to use our membership cards to go to the rainforest pyramid at Moody Gardens because it was just recently reopened. It was SO COOL! The way they remodeled it, you go up into the top canopy of the pyramid and it was just so cool. There was a butterfly garden, and some of the animals were out free and if you were lucky you'd get to see them up close. Highly recommended for anyone thinking about going to Galveston.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Secondlife drama.

So it's come to my attention that certain people on SecondLife feed on drama. I understand that you don't have any in your life and need to create more but I just think it's silly.

A close friend of mine, and a pretty darn good Dominant with a fuckton of real life experience was coined as a "predator" by someone with a pretty spite filled blog over a bunch of silliness.

Basically things went down like this. We'll call the guy T.
T's been around the BDSM scene in New York since god knows when. I think he says the early '70s. He's also been active in secondlife and owns a club, and has some semi bad blood with some other people who tried to take said club from him when it was under someone else's ownership and he was either managing it or just working on it. So this woman, we'll call her A, is one of the people with the rage boners for T.

A bunch of people get asked to do a sit down round table discussion on BDSM stuffs, including A.

T has a thing on his sim that basically keeps track of all the traffic, including IP addresses and whatnot, and apparently A has been coming to T's place with a few alts. Whatever, no big deal right? Well maybe if A wasn't A. A runs a sim that is a sort of school for people into BDSM and teaches classes and claims to have a bunch of real life/secondlife experience because she's been owned and in this amazing relationship with her Master for something like two years.

Apparently, the Master and the Sub (A) have the same IP address, which either means they live together or they are the same person pretending to be two different people. T calls A out on this, and A calls him a hacker and some other bullshit and he says no, it's a perfectly legal program, and gives her the name. A installs the program on her own sim for whatever reason, and the program shows that she has something like 27 accounts logged in from the same I.P. Address. Some of them are just simple traffic boosters (an avatar that just sits on the couch so when someone looks at the map they see someone there and go and check it out.) but some of them are not.

Anyway, he gets called a predator for outing this person's alternate avatars. I think it's kind of sad that people in Second Life will just accept something that someone else tells them as fact because they have "experience."
So the whole thing is that this person is running a school for submissives, talking about how best to please their Master because she has all of this real life experience, which is total bullshit because the Master and Sub are the same person. And this sim is VERY popular. People go there for classes. To learn. From this retard.

I have a blog. I have real life experience. I post pictures of myself to back that experience up, but I could still be feeding you all a line of bullshit and I would hope that if I gave you some advice, that you would use your noggin and have some common sense about the advice I gave.

I think that's what scares me, is that even in a place like second life, people don't use common sense. I mean granted, there's the ultimate safeword up there in the corner of your screen and all you have to do is click that red x, but some people just don't understand how easy it is for them to get manipulated, especially when they take something that someone else says as fact because they have a little title floating above their name that says "Teacher." (and don't get me started on that, because I doubt anyone in SecondLife who claims to be a Teacher of anything has a teaching degree, unless it's one of those online courses that some of those colleges are offering.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm trying to get back into a regular exercise regime

and the hills here are intense!

I think between going out and running in the summer heat, using the rowing machine instead of sitting in the recliner when I'm watching TV or a movie, and getting back on a strict diet with all these summer classes I should be golden.

Can't wait to start tracking the progress. Starting an exercise routine after so long without it is really hard, and sticking to it is harder so hopefully I've got the gumption to keep at it until I get past that first mountain.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

well phooey

She has been working a job through a temp agency that has her closer to our parents than us, and has been staying there.

I locked myself up over the weekend and asked yesterday if I could be naughty, and she gave me the OK.

:/ Something is just off about it. I'm trying to act more submissive, and wear my collar more, and all of that stuff and then getting to jack off in retrospect is just kinda...meh.

I mean, don't get me wrong I love jacking off, and in the moment of it it was pretty damn good. I came buckets. It just seems odd to me that we play with chastity and then I'm allowed to ask to jack off and more often than not I get the go ahead. (probably because I don't ask that much, I don't know....I think maybe hearing me ask for it gets her all hot so she says yes.)

I just don't know what is up. Maybe I'm just stressed because I've been doing summer school for about a week and she's been gone.

More talk of the Jailbird has been brought up, and we are going to see what finances are like now that she is temping, and hopefully for my birthday in August I can get one. Not really sure if it's going to happen because we are going to a concert (tickets bought for her birthday) that is a bit of a drive this weekend, and pretty much all of our extra cushion in the finances is going towards that.

I've been logging into SL again as well. Things change so quickly online, it's crazy. You go on a hiatus for a while and people begin to move on. My Daddy has kind of moved on, which is fine because it probably was time for us to seek other ventures. I just feel kinda bad because it's one of those things where I kinda disappeared and he knew I was still around (we're facebook friends as well) but obviously knew I wasn't going to log in anytime soon...I just feel weird about that too I guess.

I just feel off. I guess I'm in a funk.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being a good pet.

Last night was a good one for us. We went and saw a movie and then tried some new drinks at the house (which were amazing by the way. Baja Bob's sugar free Mai Tai's are awesome.)

Anyways, we were doing the regular thing and fooling around and snuggling in bed and she started talking a little dirty to me, and we ended up discussing the topic that she brought up. We were both laying on the couch and I was falling off, so I said "Man I need like a harness or something.." and she giggled saying she could put me on a leash and lead me around.

We started talking about that more and more as the night went on, and I brought up a bar in Houston that I know is a BDSM place, and was asking her if she'd make me wear my collar and leash if we went. Apparently not only would I be walking behind her on the leash, but she'd really enjoy the other things she could do with me like that. Showing me off, letting everyone know who's I am, etc. She said something along the lines of if she had to use the restroom or go do something like that, she would have to ask someone to watch me for a few minutes. (which made me super embarrassed but turned on at the same time)

I also discovered that she's a bit more of an exhibitionist than I thought. While talking about all the things we could do in a bar like that she told me she'd make me kneel down and kiss her feet until she was so horny she couldn't take it anymore. She'd then drag me to a darker (or maybe well lit) corner of the place and push me down on my knees and make me lick her until she came all over me. Then I'd kiss her feet again to thank her. (these were all her words, as well. God it was so hot hearing it!)

anyway, that's what's been going on 'round here.

I know my posting has been intermittent but school was coming to an end and I was studying my ass off. I'm also taking a buttload of classes this summer so I can graduate in the spring, so my posts will probably be just as sparse this summer. I love doing this blog and getting feedback from you guys, so I'm going to do my best to keep you all entertained.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

so I got a little frisky

and was able to take him earlier.

I think instead of being the bull I'll call him Daddy. I think I was saying that a little too much when he was fucking me. XD

More fun to be had, it's lunchtime!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

some new stuff for you guys...

So, my readers will remember my date with the stud from before.

Well I have a new beaux in my life, and if that little blue fella was the stud, this guy must be the bull!
First things first, it feels SO real. (I was immediately reminded of a certain picture of a certain Master's cock when I started playing with know who you are.) When I opened the box and put my hand around it earlier today I got all tingly in my cage.
Second, he is BIG!
So I'm in the shower and there he is, hanging right in front of me, his big dick just bobbing at eye level.

He's not even fully erect, standing at attention but his big meaty cock is making me drool. I wrapped my lips around him and was reminded of the one or two times I actually got to put a real cock in my mouth. Taste aside, it's pretty damn close. I worshipped the cock for a lonnnng time, sucking on the head and gagging myself on it's girth. I lifted up the cock and started worshipping the underside and then started sucking and stroking at the same time. My locked cock was tingling and going wild.

I lowered him down and opened up the condom I had brought with me, and started slipping it on him. He's so big! the condom barely fits, I remember looking down at my cock and thinking "that's how a condom should fit on a cock. Tight....almost like it's not there!"

I tried my hardest to slide him inside of me but he is just SO big...and I haven't had a date with a man like this in a while. So I took the condom off and started kissing him again while I finished my shower.

I even took some pics!
Here's one of my cock next to him:

And here's one of me, the old boyfriend and the new cock in my life.

Adams' pleasure skin cock: 5/5 (I just have to learn to take it!)

Friday, April 22, 2011

one of those days....

today has been one of those days that just...


I don't know what else to say, really.

Our first night with the strapon did not go as I suspected it would.

She wanted to go see Hop, so we went and saw it. When we got back to the apartment there was a UPS box on the doorstep and I took it in and opened it, and it was our strapon. It wasn't supposed to get here until tomorrow, so we were really excited!
She decided to walk to the grocery store by our complex and while she was out I locked myself up because I was thinking "Hey if she decides to fuck me tonight I want to be locked up to get the full experience..."

When she got back we made dinner and then went swimming. We came back home and changed clothes and ran to the store again to get some liquor and made some awesome mixed drinks in our awesome blender we got last christmas, and then watched Baby Mama. (one of her faves)

We started to "turn in" and as we were lying in bed I asked if her she wanted to try it on. She did, and put it on but told me I could only look at it for a few seconds because she felt silly. OH MY GOD IT WAS SO FUCKING HOT I WANTED HER TO RAPE ME.

Anyways she took it off, and then made a comment that kinda hit me sideways. A few weeks ago she had an idea, and grabbed a little necklace charm. She told me that if I put the charm on the nightstand, that within 24 hours (barring nothing crazy happened) we would have sex. No promise of an orgasm, or anything like that..just get to have sex. So me being me, as soon as I locked up, I saw that strapon on the dresser and threw the charm on the nightstand. Now back to us lying in bed.

"you know you only seem to put that thing on there when you're already locked up, how are we supposed to have sex if you're locked up?"

"well I had just assumed it meant any kind of sex, like me giving you oral or something."

"hmmm I guess soo.."

"..............uhm.......I just had a know....the uh strapon...has.....well you know it will fit me and if you wanted to.."

"I've already thought about it."


"I suppose so. Turn out the lights and put it on."

I have now been officially turned into a fucktoy. It was a total mindfuck. "fucking" her but feeling nothing but my cage, and hearing her moan, and then we switched it up and she rode "me" for a while before allowing me to bring her to orgasm with my fingers. My cock was aching the whole time and I really felt like even though I wasn't being allowed to penetrate her, that I could come at any minute while I was on top. It was amazing. I don't even know what else to say about it.

I hope it's just as much fun when she's wearing it.

EDIT: I am leaking precum like crazy and we've been eating a ton of fruit. My precum is so sweet like candy. It's delicious!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No, I'm not dead.

Just took a blogging hiatus to deal with real life. The semester is coming to a close and I've been busy with school and work, and everything else life has thrown at me.

Yesterday was our anniversary. Six Years together!
Annnnnd just as a little tease to anyone who's reading, I JUST (as in, like two seconds ago) placed an order for our first strap on ever. We actually got two things:

the picture is small, but this bad boy is pretty big. I'm excited as I've never had a dildo that was an actual dong before, and also because I can't wait to be on my knees in front of her with it hanging there intimidatingly.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Apparently I have been a very good boy because Goddess decided last night that I was going to be let out of the cage, and get to have on orgasm.

I was really surprised when she suggested we go have some intimate time because she hasn't been feeling well, and had to go to the doctor earlier yesterday (the ninth) morning.

Needless to say, after six days of lockup and PLENTY of teasing, it was awesome, and got everywhere. Goddess doesn't make me "clean up" those messes, thank god. I always think about it but then after you explode and your sex drive drops it's just not near as appealing as it was before.

anyways, that's what happened last night. :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well we had a pretty big conversation just now.

I'm trying to change for the better to make things more about her, pleasing her, her pleasure, serving her, etc.

Apparently the "Mommy" thing was a whole lot more of me than it was of her, so from now on I'll be referring to her as Princess, Goddess, or Mistress. Something regular D/s.

To start this new page of the blog on a good note, here are some pics of Goddess teasing my little locked up cock with her feet!

Monday, March 7, 2011


So this has been an interesting week!

Mommy was once again out of town for the weekend, and I was stuck at home working.
I met two guys on this android program called "Jack'd." They are a couple, and enjoy playing with boys. Specifically tying them up and having their way with them.

We talked all through the weekend about various this and thats, and were going to meet each other sometimes on Sunday, maybe. Sunday came and the boys, (we'll call them D and J) were busy all day, and by the time they were able to make any plans Mommy was on her way home, and she takes precedence.

anyway, I was texting D and J and talking to them about all kinds of stuff, and apparently J is "gay" and D is Bi. J has always had a fantasy of seeing D with a woman, and hopes that something could happen with Mommy. He then proceeds to tell me the hottest story about how I would suck off D and get him hard for her, and while they were fucking (he being 7inches and uncut) I'd be forced to watch, all the while sucking on J's 8inches while he played with my nipples and teased me, etc. It was so fucking hot when he texted me all this I was leaking everywhere. J also mentioned that after D had finished or had fun, I'd suck J to being hard, and he would fuck Mommy as well, leaving me to suck her juices off of their cocks afterwards.

Mommy got home kind of late, and after unwinding we headed for the bedroom and snuggled. <3

we got in the bed and were kissing, and Mommy started fondling my caged cocklette while I was kissing her neck. Her hands wrapped around my full swollen balls and I began to whimper softly. I asked politely if I could go down on her and she nodded, saying "Yes," very enthused.

I love giving head when I'm locked up! I've only done it with the one boy (and he didn't seem to like getting his cock sucked.) so I imagine being with a man with a big throbbing cock would drive me wild as well. I love having my head in between Mommy's thighs, and when I'm locked up it makes me leak like crazy! I love worshipping her perfect pussy, and part of me wishes she'd keep me locked up indefinitely and just make me her little pussy slave. When her hands are in my hair and she tells me what a good boy I am it sends shivers down my spine. :3 And when She forces my face deeper into her crotch when she comes, It's like heaven.

I'm wearing a numbered lock, and have been locked up since March 3!
I mentioned to Mommy about maybe not letting me out until I hit a certain weight loss goal, and she seemed to enjoy the thought, so we shall see when I'm let out.

I went from 276, and was at 266 this morning. Ten pounds! Yay! Anyways, here's some picture confirmation of the numbered lock: Number 449506!

Monday, February 21, 2011

2-21-11, and an apology.

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. School has been busy, and work has picked back up and I haven't really been in chastity much this february. I've been kind of a bad boy what with the no blogging and the no chastity and the sometimes kinda masturbating.

Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to start over on the counter seeing as I myself lost count a while ago. To the followers of this blog, I'll be updating more often now and hopefully will have more fun kinky stories to recant.


Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

So Mommy's stay out of town has been extended, a Dr.'s appointment was a day earlier than expected, and yadda yadda so she's just going to stay until I drive down to pick her up.

we were talking last night and I asked really nicely if I could maybe be naughty since she was going to be gone for so long, and she graciously said "Yes"

so I was Very Very naughty last night. :P Just touching myself really, but it was fun after ten days of lockup.

Days locked in 2011 - 18
orgasms - 2
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

january 25, 2011

Hey everybody!

so, It's been a bit since I posted an actual post.
I forgot my counter on the last post, and I actually was allowed an orgasm the other day, but it was nothing to write home about. Just some fun teasing, making her come and then being allowed to touch myself until I came as well.

She really enjoys watching me finish after she's finished...when I'm allowed, that is.

She is having to go out of town tomorrow, and will probably stay until sunday. We were discussing this last night and she informed me that she was thinking of some "projects" for me"

"....what kind of projects"

"I don't know, I haven't finished them yet"

"well, like...chores? or like...naughty things?"



"like you calling me each night, and telling me you're about to take the cage off, and then stroking yourself for five minutes or so and not having any accidents, and then calling me and telling me all about as you lock back up."

needless to say, it's going to be hard while she's gone. :D

Days locked in 2011 - 13 (on my fifth day being re-locked)
orgasms - 1
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23,2011

so it's been a while since I updated, and not much has happened.

had some awesome teasing this morning though. Mommy straddled me and allowed me to get allllll excited, and eventually she was laying next to me stroking me.

she kept whispering in my ear, and letting me know just how much fun she was having.

"i just love hoe excited your cocklet gets for me..."
I couldn't do much more than moan and whimper a bit.

this continued for a good ten or fifteen minutes, and I mentioned something about needing to take a shower after we got done because my hair was messy and stuff.

Mommy kept stroking me and I got REALLY REALLY close. She slowed down, and started lightly touching me, watching me squirm, and she really enjoyed it when I lost my nerve and tried to pump into her hand.

Mommy does this thing where her hands are's almost as if she's not even touching me, and it's's torture, but it feels so good.

anyway, she leaned in and whispered into my ear that I should shower and lock up, because it helps remind me to be a good boy. Then she asked softly, her hot breath on my ear "Don't you think so? Don't you think being locked up helps you to be a good little boy?"

"Yes Ma'am...." I said, exasperated. She smiled and got up, leaving me to take my shower with only a few words of encouragement.

"and no touching when you're in there, either."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

so we are finally home.....again.....

we got home last night and after unpacking the car we just kinda hung out. Watched some American Dad and then Golden Girls (lol).

anyway....last night when we were laying in our bed I said something about being glad that I was back home laying in my own bed.

"your bed?"


"this is my bed. I could make you sleep down there on the floor at the foot of the bed like a little puppy if I wanted. Couldn't I?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

I got embarrassed and we started talking about other stuff until we decided it was time to sleep.

Her hand reached over and grabbed my....cocklet....(I have been unlocked since......well since she allowed me to be unlocked and I had the accident.)

I moaned softly, feeling her hand grabbing me


"this isn't for you. I just felt like playing with it." she said as she started stroking while I grew more excited.

I moaned again, and she smiled and cooed at me. "Okay, it's for you too baby."

She teased me a bit and then stopped and I whimpered, saying it wasn't fair because I wasn't even horny until she started touching me.

I turned and tried to go to sleep (on my side) and she snuggled up behind me and was kissing my shoulders, back, and neck. I LOVE when she does this. She reached down and grabbed my bottom and said something about my "cute little butt" and I just melted.

we went to sleep and I got up this morning very excited. I met her in the kitchen and hugged her tight and she could feel my bulge and smiled. She started touching me again, and after a few minutes she said "It looks like someone needs to be locked back up before he has another accident"


"doesn't it?"

".....yes Ma'am....."

So here I am, writing the blog and about to go back into the cage. :D

Everything is still the same so far!
Days locked in 2011 - 8
orgasms - 0
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2010 part deux.

So I told Mommy about my accident.

actually I was really embarrassed so I texted her, telling her to check out my blog because there was something I had to tell her but was embarrassed about.

I watched as she read the post I made earlier today.

"why were you doing that without permission?"

"I dunno...I just....I wasn't trying to come or anything..."


she continued reading some of my other posts and turned to me and said "Well I guess that just means I can't leave you out when I'm not here....doesn't it"

I didn't reply.

"doesn't it?"

"..y...yes Ma'am...."

then we snuggled a bit and I showed her the other site that I've been more active on recently, lockedndenied, and she seemed to enjoy the comments that were left on the blog there, though I think she was just teasing about leaving me locked up for a month. I hope so at least!

january 13,2011

so I was unlocked yesterday after uhm...8 days(?) of lockup.

Mommy was at the dentist earlier and I was laying in the extra room of her parents house enjoying my body because my erection wouldn't go away.

I wasn't stroking myself but I was stimulating the head of my cocklet and well.....I had an accident. I tried to stop but I couldn't. Obviously I quit touching when I felt like I was going to come, but it was too late and I ended up ruining my own orgasm.

Mommy's at another Dr.'s appointment right now, but I have to tell her today.....I feel really bad, especially because I was about to beat my two week record without an orgasm.

Days locked in 2011 - 8
orgasms - 0
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 10, 2011

I'm lying here awake and Mommy is sleeping next to me. i love her soooo much.

after my shower tonight she pinned me down and fucked me. She loves being on top of me and controlling everything. Eventually, I was allowed to penetrate her, but we had to stop because my cocklet was getting too excited.

actually, she made me keep going until I was practically begging her to let me stop fucking her. I knew if I came, that I was going to be in big trouble....but when I looked down and our eyes met and we locked gazes while I was going in and out of her.....I almost exploded. There is nothing more....just....amazing.......

yeah. XD

ANYWAYS, I'm locked back up, and no orgasm for me tonight!

Days locked in 2011 - 7(today!)
orgasms- 0
ruined/milkings - 0

January 9, 2011

Just a quick post.

Mommy unlocked me this morning and teased me for a few minutes, then told me to put my cocklet away, but to leave him unlocked so that he could get excited all day long and because she may feel like playing with him later.

After five days in chastity, my cocklet is very sensitive. Even my undies were making me get all excited earlier, so I hope that we get to play a bit tonight!

I joined a site recently that another boy started. A community for boys like me, called

he's setting it up so that you can have a blog and do all sorts of things. Once the membership grows, it should be a lot of fun!

I also got to thinking.....if I put up a paypal link or a wishlist link, would anyone be interested in something like that? I'd buy something and obviously I'd follow through with a TON of pictures for all of you once i got whatever it was that was sent to me. I was just thinking this because the guy who runs the site has an incentive set up so that if you're active enough, you can get a mature metal jailbird. (a chastity cage that is stainless steel and about $300 dollars) I got to thinking about how much I'd love something like that, and how it would help me to be a better boy, but it's obviously out of my price range. (heck sometimes bread is out of my price range, lol)

anyways, just throwing that out there. I know I've got about thirty followers right now, so I was doing the math in my head about raising enough money for something like that. Leave me a comment telling me what you'd think about a situation like that!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8th, 2011

I'm really disappointed in the lack of postings from other blogs that I was really excited to read. Lockedfag had some reallllllly nice pictures on his blog of his cock in and out of chastity, and dripping precum. He was trying to take a dildo by a certain date and wasn't going to be allowed to orgasm or touch himself until he could take it.

Then he poof'd.

and then there was my buddy littlelockedboy who seemed to be REALLY into the blog when he first started. He posted multiple times a day, etc. He disappeared too.  

I guess everyone has been busy with the holidays and everything.

Mommy and I are back in town with our parents, because she wants to spend more time down here before my classes start up again. I'm still locked up (yay!) and doing my best to be a good boy.

 Last night she teased me a little bit with her feet while we laid down. She told me what a good boy I was and how proud of me she was, and when I told her how horny I was and that my balls were getting full she exclaimed that I'll just have to wait because she's "not sure [she] brought a key with her..."

(I know I haven't shaved in a bit, that's my fault!)

granted, this was after I had explained to her how I had a fantasy of us going somewhere like this and her telling me that she didn't bring the key, and I'd just have to be good for a few more days before I got any who knows if she actually has one or not. :P 

I'm about to hop in the shower and make sure I'm nice and clean for today. Maybe she will take pity on me tonight and allow me out for some teasing. She really enjoys teasing me these days.

WHICH reminds me!

when Mommy and I first started playing with chastity, she was off going to school and I was still living at home with my parents. School was only and hour or so away so she would often come down on the weekends. (actually she came home most weeks.)

I remember the first time I was ever locked up for an extended period. Right at a week. I didn't know when I was going to get unlocked, and Mommy came home from school, and we were playing. She unlocked me and told me to put a condom on (which at the time we didn't really....."do".....Bad us!) and allowed me to penetrate her. I felt like a little boy, it was ridiculous. It was as if I was some 12 year old boy who couldn't control his little penis and I was being allowed to have sex with this Goddess. I was SO sensitive it was insane, and I came probably within a minute of us having sex. 

I was very embarrassed, but Mommy kissed me and smiled, saying "that's why I told you to wear a condom!" I blushed some more and she cooed at me, letting me know she knew how sensitive I was going to be and wanted to see how fast I would come.

Even though my Mommy is the best in the world and totally understands that some boys can't control themselves... It was really embarrassing. It was emasculating, and well like I said before made me feel like a really little boy who couldn't control himself.

days in chastity in 2011 - 5
orgasms - 0
ruined/milking - 0