Monday, July 11, 2011

one of those nights.

So it's 1 a.m. and here I am typing up this blog. I've got to be up at 7 to be in class by 8 and I can't sleep. I was asleep for about an hour, and then the dog woke me up so I took him out and came back and just can't sleep.

I do get insomnia every now and then but this is different. My boypussy is aching. My cock is twitching, but not hard....wanting to leak. It's probably because I've been watching these damn videos from Ourdirtypleasure that I find so appealing. You know the ones, they show you a bunch of people sucking dicks or getting fucked and a bunch of words flash on the screen to melt your brain into a total cock whore. Too late for that, I already love dick lol...But these damn movies have got me all horny and all I can think about right now is fucking myself insane with my dildo.

It just really increases my urges towards men when I'm locked up. I guess my brain figures "well if I can't play with MY cock, I might as well play with SOMEONE'S cock...."

So here I am, sitting in my chair on the laptop trying to figure out how to get tired.....

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