Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i've been really bored lately.

So Mommy's given me the okay to search out a male friend.

I've posted some stuff on fetlife, but no luck. (I wrote suck the first time, lol)

Seriously though, what kind of Daddy doesn't want a locked up boy to give him some oral service on the regular? That's all I want really, he doesn't even have to fuck me.

le sigh.


  1. what is your fetlife username?

  2. https://fetlife.com/users/288555

    I guess I'm okay with posting it here as anybody who's interested has to have an account there, so yeah. :/

  3. hi boy,
    fellow locked boy here, been reading for a while and never commented. you should get a profile on recon, i've had great luck there finding amazing, thoughtful people who i've learned so much from.

    good luck in your journey, and keep writing about it!


  4. I hear ya. I mean, I've been locked in one device or another for years, and wonder why getting a man to use me is so difficult. Ok. Ok. I'm not young. I'm not HWP. But still, there's gotta be horny men out there who want to use no-recip locked bois.