Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8th, 2011

I'm really disappointed in the lack of postings from other blogs that I was really excited to read. Lockedfag had some reallllllly nice pictures on his blog of his cock in and out of chastity, and dripping precum. He was trying to take a dildo by a certain date and wasn't going to be allowed to orgasm or touch himself until he could take it.

Then he poof'd.

and then there was my buddy littlelockedboy who seemed to be REALLY into the blog when he first started. He posted multiple times a day, etc. He disappeared too.  

I guess everyone has been busy with the holidays and everything.

Mommy and I are back in town with our parents, because she wants to spend more time down here before my classes start up again. I'm still locked up (yay!) and doing my best to be a good boy.

 Last night she teased me a little bit with her feet while we laid down. She told me what a good boy I was and how proud of me she was, and when I told her how horny I was and that my balls were getting full she exclaimed that I'll just have to wait because she's "not sure [she] brought a key with her..."

(I know I haven't shaved in a bit, that's my fault!)

granted, this was after I had explained to her how I had a fantasy of us going somewhere like this and her telling me that she didn't bring the key, and I'd just have to be good for a few more days before I got any who knows if she actually has one or not. :P 

I'm about to hop in the shower and make sure I'm nice and clean for today. Maybe she will take pity on me tonight and allow me out for some teasing. She really enjoys teasing me these days.

WHICH reminds me!

when Mommy and I first started playing with chastity, she was off going to school and I was still living at home with my parents. School was only and hour or so away so she would often come down on the weekends. (actually she came home most weeks.)

I remember the first time I was ever locked up for an extended period. Right at a week. I didn't know when I was going to get unlocked, and Mommy came home from school, and we were playing. She unlocked me and told me to put a condom on (which at the time we didn't really....."do".....Bad us!) and allowed me to penetrate her. I felt like a little boy, it was ridiculous. It was as if I was some 12 year old boy who couldn't control his little penis and I was being allowed to have sex with this Goddess. I was SO sensitive it was insane, and I came probably within a minute of us having sex. 

I was very embarrassed, but Mommy kissed me and smiled, saying "that's why I told you to wear a condom!" I blushed some more and she cooed at me, letting me know she knew how sensitive I was going to be and wanted to see how fast I would come.

Even though my Mommy is the best in the world and totally understands that some boys can't control themselves... It was really embarrassing. It was emasculating, and well like I said before made me feel like a really little boy who couldn't control himself.

days in chastity in 2011 - 5
orgasms - 0
ruined/milking - 0


  1. Nice story, boy! You're lucky to have such a great Mommy who knows you so well.

    I'm sorry that so many boys give up their blogging too. I'm glad you're continuing strong. Stay good!

  2. Great post! I love the explanation you give about not being able to last very long for your Mommy. I have that same problem with my wife. She usually keeps me in chastity so long that I can't last ten seconds. But she doesn't mind because she has a boyfriend who takes care of her in that way.

  3. I'm still here, had to leave for the holidays ;)