Thursday, January 13, 2011

january 13,2011

so I was unlocked yesterday after uhm...8 days(?) of lockup.

Mommy was at the dentist earlier and I was laying in the extra room of her parents house enjoying my body because my erection wouldn't go away.

I wasn't stroking myself but I was stimulating the head of my cocklet and well.....I had an accident. I tried to stop but I couldn't. Obviously I quit touching when I felt like I was going to come, but it was too late and I ended up ruining my own orgasm.

Mommy's at another Dr.'s appointment right now, but I have to tell her today.....I feel really bad, especially because I was about to beat my two week record without an orgasm.

Days locked in 2011 - 8
orgasms - 0
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(


  1. You're a bad boy for having a release without permission. But at least you were good and didn't stroke your nub or have a full orgasm. Are you still horny?