Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being a good pet.

Last night was a good one for us. We went and saw a movie and then tried some new drinks at the house (which were amazing by the way. Baja Bob's sugar free Mai Tai's are awesome.)

Anyways, we were doing the regular thing and fooling around and snuggling in bed and she started talking a little dirty to me, and we ended up discussing the topic that she brought up. We were both laying on the couch and I was falling off, so I said "Man I need like a harness or something.." and she giggled saying she could put me on a leash and lead me around.

We started talking about that more and more as the night went on, and I brought up a bar in Houston that I know is a BDSM place, and was asking her if she'd make me wear my collar and leash if we went. Apparently not only would I be walking behind her on the leash, but she'd really enjoy the other things she could do with me like that. Showing me off, letting everyone know who's I am, etc. She said something along the lines of if she had to use the restroom or go do something like that, she would have to ask someone to watch me for a few minutes. (which made me super embarrassed but turned on at the same time)

I also discovered that she's a bit more of an exhibitionist than I thought. While talking about all the things we could do in a bar like that she told me she'd make me kneel down and kiss her feet until she was so horny she couldn't take it anymore. She'd then drag me to a darker (or maybe well lit) corner of the place and push me down on my knees and make me lick her until she came all over me. Then I'd kiss her feet again to thank her. (these were all her words, as well. God it was so hot hearing it!)

anyway, that's what's been going on 'round here.

I know my posting has been intermittent but school was coming to an end and I was studying my ass off. I'm also taking a buttload of classes this summer so I can graduate in the spring, so my posts will probably be just as sparse this summer. I love doing this blog and getting feedback from you guys, so I'm going to do my best to keep you all entertained.