Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2010 part deux.

So I told Mommy about my accident.

actually I was really embarrassed so I texted her, telling her to check out my blog because there was something I had to tell her but was embarrassed about.

I watched as she read the post I made earlier today.

"why were you doing that without permission?"

"I dunno...I just....I wasn't trying to come or anything..."


she continued reading some of my other posts and turned to me and said "Well I guess that just means I can't leave you out when I'm not here....doesn't it"

I didn't reply.

"doesn't it?"

"..y...yes Ma'am...."

then we snuggled a bit and I showed her the other site that I've been more active on recently, lockedndenied, and she seemed to enjoy the comments that were left on the blog there, though I think she was just teasing about leaving me locked up for a month. I hope so at least!


  1. Sorry, but I think she needs to keep you locked up more. I especially like the experience with the other guy and you locked up. Would love to know more about that and have a similar experience myself!

  2. Oh yeah, you definitely need to be locked up all the time. A little boy like you needs his mommy around to supervise when he's let out.