Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

So Mommy's stay out of town has been extended, a Dr.'s appointment was a day earlier than expected, and yadda yadda so she's just going to stay until I drive down to pick her up.

we were talking last night and I asked really nicely if I could maybe be naughty since she was going to be gone for so long, and she graciously said "Yes"

so I was Very Very naughty last night. :P Just touching myself really, but it was fun after ten days of lockup.

Days locked in 2011 - 18
orgasms - 2
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

january 25, 2011

Hey everybody!

so, It's been a bit since I posted an actual post.
I forgot my counter on the last post, and I actually was allowed an orgasm the other day, but it was nothing to write home about. Just some fun teasing, making her come and then being allowed to touch myself until I came as well.

She really enjoys watching me finish after she's finished...when I'm allowed, that is.

She is having to go out of town tomorrow, and will probably stay until sunday. We were discussing this last night and she informed me that she was thinking of some "projects" for me"

"....what kind of projects"

"I don't know, I haven't finished them yet"

"well, like...chores? or like...naughty things?"



"like you calling me each night, and telling me you're about to take the cage off, and then stroking yourself for five minutes or so and not having any accidents, and then calling me and telling me all about as you lock back up."

needless to say, it's going to be hard while she's gone. :D

Days locked in 2011 - 13 (on my fifth day being re-locked)
orgasms - 1
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23,2011

so it's been a while since I updated, and not much has happened.

had some awesome teasing this morning though. Mommy straddled me and allowed me to get allllll excited, and eventually she was laying next to me stroking me.

she kept whispering in my ear, and letting me know just how much fun she was having.

"i just love hoe excited your cocklet gets for me..."
I couldn't do much more than moan and whimper a bit.

this continued for a good ten or fifteen minutes, and I mentioned something about needing to take a shower after we got done because my hair was messy and stuff.

Mommy kept stroking me and I got REALLY REALLY close. She slowed down, and started lightly touching me, watching me squirm, and she really enjoyed it when I lost my nerve and tried to pump into her hand.

Mommy does this thing where her hands are's almost as if she's not even touching me, and it's's torture, but it feels so good.

anyway, she leaned in and whispered into my ear that I should shower and lock up, because it helps remind me to be a good boy. Then she asked softly, her hot breath on my ear "Don't you think so? Don't you think being locked up helps you to be a good little boy?"

"Yes Ma'am...." I said, exasperated. She smiled and got up, leaving me to take my shower with only a few words of encouragement.

"and no touching when you're in there, either."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

so we are finally home.....again.....

we got home last night and after unpacking the car we just kinda hung out. Watched some American Dad and then Golden Girls (lol).

anyway....last night when we were laying in our bed I said something about being glad that I was back home laying in my own bed.

"your bed?"


"this is my bed. I could make you sleep down there on the floor at the foot of the bed like a little puppy if I wanted. Couldn't I?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

I got embarrassed and we started talking about other stuff until we decided it was time to sleep.

Her hand reached over and grabbed my....cocklet....(I have been unlocked since......well since she allowed me to be unlocked and I had the accident.)

I moaned softly, feeling her hand grabbing me


"this isn't for you. I just felt like playing with it." she said as she started stroking while I grew more excited.

I moaned again, and she smiled and cooed at me. "Okay, it's for you too baby."

She teased me a bit and then stopped and I whimpered, saying it wasn't fair because I wasn't even horny until she started touching me.

I turned and tried to go to sleep (on my side) and she snuggled up behind me and was kissing my shoulders, back, and neck. I LOVE when she does this. She reached down and grabbed my bottom and said something about my "cute little butt" and I just melted.

we went to sleep and I got up this morning very excited. I met her in the kitchen and hugged her tight and she could feel my bulge and smiled. She started touching me again, and after a few minutes she said "It looks like someone needs to be locked back up before he has another accident"


"doesn't it?"

".....yes Ma'am....."

So here I am, writing the blog and about to go back into the cage. :D

Everything is still the same so far!
Days locked in 2011 - 8
orgasms - 0
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2010 part deux.

So I told Mommy about my accident.

actually I was really embarrassed so I texted her, telling her to check out my blog because there was something I had to tell her but was embarrassed about.

I watched as she read the post I made earlier today.

"why were you doing that without permission?"

"I dunno...I just....I wasn't trying to come or anything..."


she continued reading some of my other posts and turned to me and said "Well I guess that just means I can't leave you out when I'm not here....doesn't it"

I didn't reply.

"doesn't it?"

"..y...yes Ma'am...."

then we snuggled a bit and I showed her the other site that I've been more active on recently, lockedndenied, and she seemed to enjoy the comments that were left on the blog there, though I think she was just teasing about leaving me locked up for a month. I hope so at least!

january 13,2011

so I was unlocked yesterday after uhm...8 days(?) of lockup.

Mommy was at the dentist earlier and I was laying in the extra room of her parents house enjoying my body because my erection wouldn't go away.

I wasn't stroking myself but I was stimulating the head of my cocklet and well.....I had an accident. I tried to stop but I couldn't. Obviously I quit touching when I felt like I was going to come, but it was too late and I ended up ruining my own orgasm.

Mommy's at another Dr.'s appointment right now, but I have to tell her today.....I feel really bad, especially because I was about to beat my two week record without an orgasm.

Days locked in 2011 - 8
orgasms - 0
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 10, 2011

I'm lying here awake and Mommy is sleeping next to me. i love her soooo much.

after my shower tonight she pinned me down and fucked me. She loves being on top of me and controlling everything. Eventually, I was allowed to penetrate her, but we had to stop because my cocklet was getting too excited.

actually, she made me keep going until I was practically begging her to let me stop fucking her. I knew if I came, that I was going to be in big trouble....but when I looked down and our eyes met and we locked gazes while I was going in and out of her.....I almost exploded. There is nothing more....just....amazing.......

yeah. XD

ANYWAYS, I'm locked back up, and no orgasm for me tonight!

Days locked in 2011 - 7(today!)
orgasms- 0
ruined/milkings - 0

January 9, 2011

Just a quick post.

Mommy unlocked me this morning and teased me for a few minutes, then told me to put my cocklet away, but to leave him unlocked so that he could get excited all day long and because she may feel like playing with him later.

After five days in chastity, my cocklet is very sensitive. Even my undies were making me get all excited earlier, so I hope that we get to play a bit tonight!

I joined a site recently that another boy started. A community for boys like me, called

he's setting it up so that you can have a blog and do all sorts of things. Once the membership grows, it should be a lot of fun!

I also got to thinking.....if I put up a paypal link or a wishlist link, would anyone be interested in something like that? I'd buy something and obviously I'd follow through with a TON of pictures for all of you once i got whatever it was that was sent to me. I was just thinking this because the guy who runs the site has an incentive set up so that if you're active enough, you can get a mature metal jailbird. (a chastity cage that is stainless steel and about $300 dollars) I got to thinking about how much I'd love something like that, and how it would help me to be a better boy, but it's obviously out of my price range. (heck sometimes bread is out of my price range, lol)

anyways, just throwing that out there. I know I've got about thirty followers right now, so I was doing the math in my head about raising enough money for something like that. Leave me a comment telling me what you'd think about a situation like that!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8th, 2011

I'm really disappointed in the lack of postings from other blogs that I was really excited to read. Lockedfag had some reallllllly nice pictures on his blog of his cock in and out of chastity, and dripping precum. He was trying to take a dildo by a certain date and wasn't going to be allowed to orgasm or touch himself until he could take it.

Then he poof'd.

and then there was my buddy littlelockedboy who seemed to be REALLY into the blog when he first started. He posted multiple times a day, etc. He disappeared too.  

I guess everyone has been busy with the holidays and everything.

Mommy and I are back in town with our parents, because she wants to spend more time down here before my classes start up again. I'm still locked up (yay!) and doing my best to be a good boy.

 Last night she teased me a little bit with her feet while we laid down. She told me what a good boy I was and how proud of me she was, and when I told her how horny I was and that my balls were getting full she exclaimed that I'll just have to wait because she's "not sure [she] brought a key with her..."

(I know I haven't shaved in a bit, that's my fault!)

granted, this was after I had explained to her how I had a fantasy of us going somewhere like this and her telling me that she didn't bring the key, and I'd just have to be good for a few more days before I got any who knows if she actually has one or not. :P 

I'm about to hop in the shower and make sure I'm nice and clean for today. Maybe she will take pity on me tonight and allow me out for some teasing. She really enjoys teasing me these days.

WHICH reminds me!

when Mommy and I first started playing with chastity, she was off going to school and I was still living at home with my parents. School was only and hour or so away so she would often come down on the weekends. (actually she came home most weeks.)

I remember the first time I was ever locked up for an extended period. Right at a week. I didn't know when I was going to get unlocked, and Mommy came home from school, and we were playing. She unlocked me and told me to put a condom on (which at the time we didn't really....."do".....Bad us!) and allowed me to penetrate her. I felt like a little boy, it was ridiculous. It was as if I was some 12 year old boy who couldn't control his little penis and I was being allowed to have sex with this Goddess. I was SO sensitive it was insane, and I came probably within a minute of us having sex. 

I was very embarrassed, but Mommy kissed me and smiled, saying "that's why I told you to wear a condom!" I blushed some more and she cooed at me, letting me know she knew how sensitive I was going to be and wanted to see how fast I would come.

Even though my Mommy is the best in the world and totally understands that some boys can't control themselves... It was really embarrassing. It was emasculating, and well like I said before made me feel like a really little boy who couldn't control himself.

days in chastity in 2011 - 5
orgasms - 0
ruined/milking - 0

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th, 2011

Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and update. Been a long day, and my cocklette is getting used to the CB6000 again. My balls are getting nice and full so that's good.

days in chastity in 2011 - 3
orgasms - 0
ruined/milking - 0

(I think once I'm allowed out, I'll start a current lockup tally as well so you can see the two side by side.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

january 5th, 2011

Had a lot to get done today, but then we realized that our fridge was messing up, and I had to stay with the maintenance guy while he was here, so only got one of my tasks taken care of.

Mommy and I are going to start walking in the evenings, to get us out and moving and because she can't use the school's gym anymore...well, without paying. (being a graduate)

I am back in my old cb6000, just to mix things up a bit. Don't want my cocklette getting too used to anything, plus...well, the CB6000 allows me to get a little bit excited, which is way more than the pink birdlocked allows!

I am going to try and mold the KSD/PSD things here in the next couple of days with some boiling water like it says. I have read some things on fetlife saying that they caused a hematoma on the dorsal side of the wearer's penis..but that may have been operator error. I think if I actually take it and widen the opening a bit, it will work really well in helping the 6000 be more secure.

days in chastity in 2011 - 2
orgasms - 0
Ruined/Milkings - 0

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd, 2011

So we're finally home. Yes!

Mommy isn't feeling too hot, her stomach was killing her last night. She has a hiatal hernia (don't know how to spell it, but that's what it is) and it was keeping her up last night.

I am back in chastity today, and haven't had an orgasm yet in 2011. :D
gonna take it easy tonight and see what happens in the future!

Days in Chastity in 2011 - 0 (going on 1)
Orgasms - 0
Ruined Orgasms - 0
Milkings - 0

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st, 2011

Happy new year everyone! I opted NOT to post last night as I was severely bombed off of what was described to me as Bartender's Ginger Ale. (spiced rum, bitters, coke and sprite) They were delicious.

Had a wonderful evening at my parents' place and then went to Mommy's parents' to finish off the night.

I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful time and was safe/smart enough to not drive drunk.

well, one big thing is getting back in shape. Not even getting back in shape really, just getting healthier. We got that blender from my parents and have used it a couple times before heading back down. It. Is. Amazing.

you put in whole, solid objects....and Juice comes out. JUICE. not chopped up fruit. not kind of juice but has chunks in it. This bad boy DESTROYS solids. It's also fucking loud as shit. :P It made a mean grape juice, and then the next morning we made some mango smoothies with it. I NEVER HAVE TO GO TO SMOOTHIE KING AGAIN! YAY!

so I think the blender will help me get more of my vegetables in, as there really a select few veggies that I'm crazy about. Other than that, Mommy and I are going to start exercising more, and I'm going to continue doing my best to follow all of our new rules (and the old ones too!)

once again, happy new year!

Days in chastity in 2011 - 0
Orgasms - 0

(let's try this out and see how it works!)