Monday, March 7, 2011


So this has been an interesting week!

Mommy was once again out of town for the weekend, and I was stuck at home working.
I met two guys on this android program called "Jack'd." They are a couple, and enjoy playing with boys. Specifically tying them up and having their way with them.

We talked all through the weekend about various this and thats, and were going to meet each other sometimes on Sunday, maybe. Sunday came and the boys, (we'll call them D and J) were busy all day, and by the time they were able to make any plans Mommy was on her way home, and she takes precedence.

anyway, I was texting D and J and talking to them about all kinds of stuff, and apparently J is "gay" and D is Bi. J has always had a fantasy of seeing D with a woman, and hopes that something could happen with Mommy. He then proceeds to tell me the hottest story about how I would suck off D and get him hard for her, and while they were fucking (he being 7inches and uncut) I'd be forced to watch, all the while sucking on J's 8inches while he played with my nipples and teased me, etc. It was so fucking hot when he texted me all this I was leaking everywhere. J also mentioned that after D had finished or had fun, I'd suck J to being hard, and he would fuck Mommy as well, leaving me to suck her juices off of their cocks afterwards.

Mommy got home kind of late, and after unwinding we headed for the bedroom and snuggled. <3

we got in the bed and were kissing, and Mommy started fondling my caged cocklette while I was kissing her neck. Her hands wrapped around my full swollen balls and I began to whimper softly. I asked politely if I could go down on her and she nodded, saying "Yes," very enthused.

I love giving head when I'm locked up! I've only done it with the one boy (and he didn't seem to like getting his cock sucked.) so I imagine being with a man with a big throbbing cock would drive me wild as well. I love having my head in between Mommy's thighs, and when I'm locked up it makes me leak like crazy! I love worshipping her perfect pussy, and part of me wishes she'd keep me locked up indefinitely and just make me her little pussy slave. When her hands are in my hair and she tells me what a good boy I am it sends shivers down my spine. :3 And when She forces my face deeper into her crotch when she comes, It's like heaven.

I'm wearing a numbered lock, and have been locked up since March 3!
I mentioned to Mommy about maybe not letting me out until I hit a certain weight loss goal, and she seemed to enjoy the thought, so we shall see when I'm let out.

I went from 276, and was at 266 this morning. Ten pounds! Yay! Anyways, here's some picture confirmation of the numbered lock: Number 449506!

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