Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

so we are finally home.....again.....

we got home last night and after unpacking the car we just kinda hung out. Watched some American Dad and then Golden Girls (lol).

anyway....last night when we were laying in our bed I said something about being glad that I was back home laying in my own bed.

"your bed?"


"this is my bed. I could make you sleep down there on the floor at the foot of the bed like a little puppy if I wanted. Couldn't I?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

I got embarrassed and we started talking about other stuff until we decided it was time to sleep.

Her hand reached over and grabbed my....cocklet....(I have been unlocked since......well since she allowed me to be unlocked and I had the accident.)

I moaned softly, feeling her hand grabbing me


"this isn't for you. I just felt like playing with it." she said as she started stroking while I grew more excited.

I moaned again, and she smiled and cooed at me. "Okay, it's for you too baby."

She teased me a bit and then stopped and I whimpered, saying it wasn't fair because I wasn't even horny until she started touching me.

I turned and tried to go to sleep (on my side) and she snuggled up behind me and was kissing my shoulders, back, and neck. I LOVE when she does this. She reached down and grabbed my bottom and said something about my "cute little butt" and I just melted.

we went to sleep and I got up this morning very excited. I met her in the kitchen and hugged her tight and she could feel my bulge and smiled. She started touching me again, and after a few minutes she said "It looks like someone needs to be locked back up before he has another accident"


"doesn't it?"

".....yes Ma'am....."

So here I am, writing the blog and about to go back into the cage. :D

Everything is still the same so far!
Days locked in 2011 - 8
orgasms - 0
milkings - 0
ruined orgasms - 1 :(


  1. Good boy. I'm glad Mommy is taking a firm hand with you.

  2. She really knows how to tease you! So hot!

  3. Nice. Of course it's not your bed ... maybe you should sleep in a cage? Hmm. Glad you're getting locked up :)