Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9, 2011

Just a quick post.

Mommy unlocked me this morning and teased me for a few minutes, then told me to put my cocklet away, but to leave him unlocked so that he could get excited all day long and because she may feel like playing with him later.

After five days in chastity, my cocklet is very sensitive. Even my undies were making me get all excited earlier, so I hope that we get to play a bit tonight!

I joined a site recently that another boy started. A community for boys like me, called

he's setting it up so that you can have a blog and do all sorts of things. Once the membership grows, it should be a lot of fun!

I also got to thinking.....if I put up a paypal link or a wishlist link, would anyone be interested in something like that? I'd buy something and obviously I'd follow through with a TON of pictures for all of you once i got whatever it was that was sent to me. I was just thinking this because the guy who runs the site has an incentive set up so that if you're active enough, you can get a mature metal jailbird. (a chastity cage that is stainless steel and about $300 dollars) I got to thinking about how much I'd love something like that, and how it would help me to be a better boy, but it's obviously out of my price range. (heck sometimes bread is out of my price range, lol)

anyways, just throwing that out there. I know I've got about thirty followers right now, so I was doing the math in my head about raising enough money for something like that. Leave me a comment telling me what you'd think about a situation like that!

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