Sunday, June 19, 2011

Secondlife drama.

So it's come to my attention that certain people on SecondLife feed on drama. I understand that you don't have any in your life and need to create more but I just think it's silly.

A close friend of mine, and a pretty darn good Dominant with a fuckton of real life experience was coined as a "predator" by someone with a pretty spite filled blog over a bunch of silliness.

Basically things went down like this. We'll call the guy T.
T's been around the BDSM scene in New York since god knows when. I think he says the early '70s. He's also been active in secondlife and owns a club, and has some semi bad blood with some other people who tried to take said club from him when it was under someone else's ownership and he was either managing it or just working on it. So this woman, we'll call her A, is one of the people with the rage boners for T.

A bunch of people get asked to do a sit down round table discussion on BDSM stuffs, including A.

T has a thing on his sim that basically keeps track of all the traffic, including IP addresses and whatnot, and apparently A has been coming to T's place with a few alts. Whatever, no big deal right? Well maybe if A wasn't A. A runs a sim that is a sort of school for people into BDSM and teaches classes and claims to have a bunch of real life/secondlife experience because she's been owned and in this amazing relationship with her Master for something like two years.

Apparently, the Master and the Sub (A) have the same IP address, which either means they live together or they are the same person pretending to be two different people. T calls A out on this, and A calls him a hacker and some other bullshit and he says no, it's a perfectly legal program, and gives her the name. A installs the program on her own sim for whatever reason, and the program shows that she has something like 27 accounts logged in from the same I.P. Address. Some of them are just simple traffic boosters (an avatar that just sits on the couch so when someone looks at the map they see someone there and go and check it out.) but some of them are not.

Anyway, he gets called a predator for outing this person's alternate avatars. I think it's kind of sad that people in Second Life will just accept something that someone else tells them as fact because they have "experience."
So the whole thing is that this person is running a school for submissives, talking about how best to please their Master because she has all of this real life experience, which is total bullshit because the Master and Sub are the same person. And this sim is VERY popular. People go there for classes. To learn. From this retard.

I have a blog. I have real life experience. I post pictures of myself to back that experience up, but I could still be feeding you all a line of bullshit and I would hope that if I gave you some advice, that you would use your noggin and have some common sense about the advice I gave.

I think that's what scares me, is that even in a place like second life, people don't use common sense. I mean granted, there's the ultimate safeword up there in the corner of your screen and all you have to do is click that red x, but some people just don't understand how easy it is for them to get manipulated, especially when they take something that someone else says as fact because they have a little title floating above their name that says "Teacher." (and don't get me started on that, because I doubt anyone in SecondLife who claims to be a Teacher of anything has a teaching degree, unless it's one of those online courses that some of those colleges are offering.)


  1. Wow! I guess I'm glad I never got into SecondLife.

  2. Some people feed off of drama, and create it wherever they go. I'm pretty sure when someone goes into a GAME like secondlife and creates drama it's because they either don't get enough in their actual life, or they've caused so much that they've alienated themselves. I look at it as a game, because that's what it is. I have friends from SL, but it's all about goofing off and having fun for me. I don't understand why someone would go and do something just for the sake of causing drama in "world" that is supposed to be a release from the real world.