Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

some people...

just HAVE to shit on someone else to make themselves happy.

I put up a note on fetlife about the new contract and this asshole "master" from a group for "uber mean people" that I'm a part of for the lulz leaves some snide comment on the note.

that's fine, be a dick in the group meant for people to be dicks in, but don't fucking come after me and attack me just to make yourself feel better. I'm sure he's giggling his little ass off right now, thinking that I'm crying into my beer or some stupid bullshit like that.

what really makes me laugh is that this guy identifies as a "Master" and is trying to put me down by calling me fat. Lol. I'd drop his ass like a sack of potatoes if it came down to it, he's like 5'1 in heels and all of his profile pictures have him holding some old antique gun to the camera, because he's such a badass.

okey doke, vent over.

blog-o numero three-o


after the movies last night, Mommy and I were hanging out and she said that she wanted to go swimming, so we changed and went down to the hot tub and swam around. It was nice because we were the only two people there, and got to have some nice intimate conversation.

I had just joined a group on fetlife about domestic discipline, and was telling her about it and eventually the conversation turned towards the psychology of negative punishment versus Negative/positive reinforcement. (mommy is a psych major so she knows all this stuff) Then the conversation turned (thanks to me) on certain behaviors that I have that she would want to change, and then I brought up the idea of her maybe creating a set of house rules that I would need to follow on a day to day basis. (even though I'm not a slave, I still like the idea) I'm super excited, and uhm......yeah. I can tell that things are changing and going to be different from now on. Yay!