Saturday, December 10, 2011

Okay, so the other night...

We were lying in bed loving on each other and started talking.

We do this thing, that...typing it out, it's really dumb sounding but yeah. Instead of "Truth or Dare" we do "Truth or Truth". This started a long time ago when we realized neither of us ever picked dare, so we'll play truth or truth and it's a fun way to open up about things.

Lots of topics come up, I ask her why she hasn't fucked me with the strapon yet, knowing that it's because she's kind of afraid of hurting me. She answered and I explained that if we took it slow, she wouldn't hurt me, and also the dildo that comes with the strapon is a bit smaller than the one I've gone to town on so yeah.

So one of the truth or truth topics was me asking her to tell me a secret, that was sexual in nature, and she responded by telling me that when I'm gone she enjoys watching gay porn.

I told her that didn't count because she had already told me that, and we talked about for a bit more. I was asking her the site she went to for her cruising, and she showed me pornhub, because she had read about it in an issue of Cosmo a few years ago. They said it had a "female friendly" section, and she remarked that she never really went there. Lol.

So we're talking about porn and I ask her what kind of gay porn she likes, adding that I don't really like the scripted stuff. She agreed that amateur was way better, and I showed her Xtube. Specifically, I showed her this video:

One of my favorite on Xtube because 1) the naked boy has got a HOT body and 2) I love the way she giggles and finds joy in their frustrations.

So we watch the video, and afterwards she is teasing me, and talking to me, and asking me if I'd like to get fucked like that. I say yes, of course!, and she asks me if I want to be a good little fucktoy. I nod softly and she tells me I can start by taking off the cage.

So she teases me relentlessly for I don't even know how long. I think it was around an hour before we moved on to the strap on. Touching me, stroking me, fucking me and making me edge while inside of her. She just...she knows. She can watch me and get me so fucking close while she's on top of me and then bam! she quits.

Eventually it got to the point where I was fucking her, missionary, and was almost to the point of tears. She began making fun of me, asking me if I was going to cry, asking me if I couldn't handle it, telling em I begged her to tease me and now I can't handle it, etc.

At one point she told me I was pathetic and to get the fuck off of her. God damnit it was so hot.

She let me enter her again and again I began whimpering and whining in frustration. She told me to finish with my mouth because I was too close to cumming, and while I was going down on her she informed me that once I made her come, she was going to fuck me.

My brain went berserk, and my tongue followed suit.

She came. Hard. Really hard.

Then we got ready for the strap-on, and although it was a bit awkward at first (as I've heard most first times with a strap on are) once we got into the rhythm of things, I was begging her to fuck me harder and harder, and I think I was pretty vocal. Afterwards, she told me that we probably pissed off the neighbors. Fuck them! They're up all night and keep us up half the time anyway. :P

Anyway, I was down on my stomach with my ass up in the air and my now extremely hypersensitive cock grinding against the bedsheets as she fucked my ass. It was amazing, though not as long as I wished we could have gone. She pulled out of me, and said she thought she'd better stop. I asked if she was tired and she said yes, so we stopped and I unrolled the condom and then cleaned up our stuff.

I came back to bed and was allowed to come, and it was fucking amazing. I was laying next to her, stroking myself and she was playing with my nipples and talking dirty to me, egging me on, and being a bit mean (at my request actually) and when I came it was sooooo fucking amazing. Two days of lockup and a few hours of teasing will do that to a guy.

In summary:

  • let out of cage
  • teased for hours by hand and amazing body
  • fucked silly by Mommy with the strapon
  • allowed to orgasm
  • luckiest guy in the world


  1. Awesome story- you guys are very lucky and very hot

  2. Thanks!

    Sometimes I really have to take a step back and look at where we've come. From me telling her I kinda liked when she teased me while she was giving me a handjob, to this.

    It's been a long road, but I'm glad that I've had her with me, and I know we'll continue further down the rabbit hole, so we'll see what develops!

  3. You're such a lucky boy :)

  4. any further adventures to report?!