Sunday, April 15, 2012

chastiy haiku

locking up my cock
nestled in her perfect breasts
the key to my heart

Friday, April 13, 2012

Something new for me

A few days ago, Tuesday actually, I texted her and asked to be let out. She told me yes and even let me come because I had been such a good boy. I've been unlocked since then.

So tonight, Mommy is going out with a friend.

We have an open relationship, yes. But she's never expressed a REAL interest in anyone else.
They're going to a movie they've both seen before. We were talking about it over lunch and I got embarrassed and told her I had something to tell her but I couldn't say it, so I texted her.

"Part of me thinks it would be awesome if you locked me up before your date and then around 11:15 or so (when the movie is supposed to let out) II get a text telling me not to wait up or something like that."

Her phone buzzed and she read the text and smiled saying "I just may have to do that."

So I asked her a second ago, if she was really going to like she had said before, and she smiled and said "yes....In fact, why don't you go put it on right now and then come back to me for inspection."

So I did as I was told and locked myself up and then gave her the key and she looked up at me, smiling. She was on the floor messing with some coffee mugs in a shelf. I pulled down my Captain America undies and she smiled and told me I was "such a good boy" as she wrapped her hand around me and kissed my caged cock.

I'm nervous and horny and I don't think anything will happen tonight because she told me earlier she doesn't plan on anything happening, but's hot!


So they just left. He's a big burly bear type guy like myself. (Gee I wonder what her type is!) Pretty handsome. I texted her as they were leaving and told her to ask him if he was bi. We'll see, lol.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Continuing the story...

First part can be found here

I went to sleep that night hornier than I'd ever been. I kept thinking about him, and the picture on his ad. His well groomed, greying hair and his piercing eyes looking right at me, as if he knew exactly what I needed.

He told me not to touch cock was aching and dripping precum all inside of my boxers. They quickly came off as I flipped over onto my stomach and ground myself against the bed. He never said anything about this!

I was grinding my swollen aching member against the bedsheets, thinking about how long it had been since I had come. Wow, it had nearly been a week! I had forgotten all about myself, having been drowning in schoolwork. The soft sheets felt soooo good against me and I grabbed my pillow tight, moaning softly with pleasure. I knew I wasn't going to be able to come this way, but god it felt so good!

I wanted to come so badly but I knew that if I touched myself....somehow....he'd know. So I flipped over, frustrated, and tried to get to sleep.

Class the next morning was a blur. I don't remember what was going on, I just kept thinking about him. About the things he said to me last night. The way he spoke to me. He knew. He knew exactly who I was. It was so strange. I got done on campus and grabbed some lunch and began to walk home, my mind filled with thoughts about our phone call tonight. What was he going to ask me? What was I going to say? Lost in my own thoughts as I made my way back to the apartment...I got inside and didn't even eat, even though I had been starving before.

I made my way to the bedroom and slipped out of my clothes before hopping on the bed. I could see the spot where I had been grinding myself the night before. It wasn't really there, but it was. Right there on the bed, a little twist of sheets that reminded me of give up control to him...and I didn't even know him yet.

I laid down and started running my hands over myself. My chest, my stomach...mmmm, my nipples. Every single touch sending impulses to my brain..and right out to my cock. I had to give it up, I was getting too excited. So I lied there in the bed, nude and horny. Aching and throbbing, and leaking from pent up excitement. I glanced over at my alarm clock and it read 1:00...It was going to be a long time until 7.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

switching it up

Why don't you faithful readers (or not so faithful, I don't really care) ask me some questions and I will answer them!

That could be fun, right?

alright, hop to it!

Easter weekend

So it's Easter weekend and I've been locked up for.....(I'm so bad at this!) let's say four days. I'm gonna go with Wednesday as the lockup date, it could've been tuesday but meh.

With the webfilter on, I've noticed that I am acting a lot better. I'm not watching porn all day and the things that I do have access to are not things that make me super aroused to that point I was talking about before. I'm able to focus a little bit better and have found myself trying out new things.

I was trimming my facial hair yesterday when I looked down and saw my tummy and chest hair. I'm not a very hairy guy but I think that's just because most of my body hair is blonde-ish. But my tummy and chest are a lot darker. Darker than my facial hair, even. Kind of weird. Anyway, I got a wild hair *chortle* and decided to run my clippers over and trim the hair on my chest and stomach.

which led to me running the clippers all over. I really like the way it feels. I wish I had the money to go get waxed or buy some home waxing stuff. It's a really really different feeling, and being all smooth all over makes me feel even more like a boy.

I took a few pictures because, you know, that's what I do. Speaking of pictures, I have some I wanted to show you guys but kept forgetting to post! So first, one from yesterday and then just a few rando's to keep you readers satiated.

I love size comparison stuff, especially when I'm locked up. I'm not THAT small, but I am definitely a grower, so being locked in a tiny cage makes me look a lot smaller.

This is my favorite of all the ones I snapped the other day. I was leaking quite a lot and it was only my second day in the cage. My poor little cock was so frustrated and wet. I love that feeling. This was the same night that I downloaded the webfilter.

 A site got blocked and it made me suuuuper excited!

Playing with precum. Makes me feel like Stretch Armstrong!

Look how far it goes!

And finally a close up!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A slip up

Remember what I said about willpower?

well I couldn't get to any porn sites on the internet.

but I still had porn on my computer.


So now I deleted all of the videos and captions and things like that. My chastity and gay folders are still there because I don't think those take away from my paying attention to her, and a lot of that stuff I post on imageboards to share with other people who are into chastity.

The only things left are my chastity and gay folders, and the mp3 hypno files I have that are geared towards making me a better sub.

Monday, April 2, 2012

more ways to give up control

You know, my biggest problem wit chastity is my willpower.

I get horny and I watch some porn, which makes me hornier so I watch more until it gets to the point where I just have to rip off my cage and if there is a key in the house with me I WILL find it and I WILL jack off.

Hopefully this has changed.

Someone on an imageboard mentioned using a webfilter.
At first I thought it was stupid, but I let the idea ruminate in my head.

If I can't look up porn without permission, there won't be days where I look at porn until I go insane with lust and rip the cage off.

If I can't look at porn without permission, when I'm horny I might just get up and do something a good boy would do instead of looking at porn like a naughty boy. Maybe I'll take out the trash, or do some dishes, or rub her feet.

So I let it sit and spin around in my head.

I downloaded the program, k9 web protection, just to see what it was about and it has all the bells and whistles. Blocks all tons of content, can block sites based off of certain words in the URL, even has curfew/bedtime restrictions if you want to go that far, and timeouts for when you try and access blocked content too often in a period of time.

So I looked at all the sites I visit regularly and figured out which ones I was using for porn. Can't get to them anymore, that's for sure. I made up a password, "mommysgoodboy" and just typing it in to make changes was getting me excited.

So I went to a website with a random password generator, and covered up the generator with my hand. I created a password and copied it.

closed the window.

pasted the new password into the program.

Made Mommy's email the admin, and sent her an email letting her know what I had done.  (We had briefly discussed it so I knew she'd be onboard.) I pasted the password into her email without looking at it and then deleted the email.

So now I have to be a good boy, I don't have much say in the matter. I already got a time out earlier (but that was because it was blocking https sites and my email was trying to load. Fixed it!) and had to turn off the computer and go to bed.

It was so arousing. I've lost even more control, and if I'm a bad boy and get a timeout or try and get around this thing, it will tattle on me and she'll know.

I'm hoping this will help me continue to become a better boy and maybe give me a reason to exercise a little more at home. (it's a great distraction.)