Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We used to switch a lot more than we do these days.

and for this story we're gonna have to back up a bit.

So over the course of fifteen days when I had been locked up, I had to go to the store to get some stuff for her parents' house. They were watching her cousin's kid and I had to get something baby related and walked by the pacifiers and got a hardon. Well, you know, a chastity hardon.

ABDL stuff doesn't really turn me on. Just doesn't do it. Yeah, some of the pictures of girls and boys in diapers are cute but it doesn't really turn my crank.

I threw a pack of pacifiers in the basket and made my purchase.

When I got back to her parents' house I was feeling pretty weird about it.  It was embarrassing and I didn't really know why I bought them. I told her about it, and it was awkward-ish. I put them in my suitcase and forgot about them.

Last night, we are sitting in our apartment and a friend is over. He and I are in the living room playing a video game and she decided to do some unpacking in the bedroom. He gets up to use the restroom and I hear

"Hey babe.."

I look and she's got her head poking out of the bedroom with a pacifier in her mouth and is giggling like an idiot. Poking fun at me.

It was funny, but seeing her with it got me hard.

So at about three in the morning our friend leaves (we're all night owls) and we retire to the boudoir, where she is acting all snuggly and lovey dovey. I reach down and realize that she is so very excited. Excited to the point where her lips are swollen and soft. She's nearly pulsating with every heartbeat. We start having sex, and eventually I blurt out how fucking hot it was seeing her like that, and if she wanted to be my little girl.

She admitted that after she had put it up, she had thought about it, and it had gotten her pretty excited. The rest of our time that night was spent with us talking about things related to that, and me fucking her brains out because it got me so hot. Talking about putting her in pigtails or cute little barettes, and a nice little flowery dress and her learning how to please Daddy the right way.

It was fucking hot.

I went to bed hard though, and probably stayed hard all night. I woke up hard and told her that I wanted to fuck my little girl again, and she politely had to decline, telling me that I had made her all sore the night before. I told her that was fine, and that she could lay next to me and help Daddy come by being a sexy little girl, which she enthusiastically did. She was telling me all about the things she wants to do and learn, and I explained a scenario in which I'd show her how to please me and give her a special lollipop that gives her a yummy treat if she does a good job. She was very excited for that. We finished up and went about our business, getting some lunch and running an errand, then heading home.

She then reminded me that she was supposed to go out with the friend she has been out with before, that they were going to another movie. He's a potential person she'd like to fuck....and I'm still confused about it. We were talking earlier and I told her it's one of those things I don't know what will really do to me until it's been done. I think it's hot, it makes me excited thinking about it, but I don't know what the reality's like.

Either way, she was getting ready and I walked into the bedroom. She jumped onto the bed and laid on her back, showing me the sexy victoria's secret panties she was wearing.....she told me how sexy I was and I told her something along the lines of "you can go out with him as long as your pussy is nice and sore first" and then proceeded to wreck shop.

I started spanking her and could tell that she liked it. Even if she didn't want to tell me she liked it, her pussy was being a little tattle-tail, so I continued. She was on the verge of tears but she never once told me to stop. She took it like a good girl for Daddy, and I'm really proud of her for that, considering she doesn't get spanked very often.

After I had sufficiently worn her out, I made her stay on the bed on all fours with her ass and pussy on display for me so I could take some pictures of her reddened, hand-printed bottom. I put the camera up and she laid on her tummy, her cute little rosebud smiling at me. I asked her if she was horny, and if she had taken a shower for me. She said yes, and I started licking her tight little hole. This drove her fucking crazy. It always does. She moans, and thrashes about, and grinds her pussy into the bed, and makes a big wet mess for me.

After I got done rimming her I laid down and she cuddled up next to me again, and surprisingly started kissing me on the mouth. She's really weird about kissing after oral, and usually won't do it until after we're done and I've gone and rinsed my mouth out, but she was ready to go. I asked if she thought she was ready to come and she practically begged me.

I grabbed her hand and put her fingers on her clit. She looked surprised.

"Make yourself come for me then."

She started touching herself while I took my finger and toyed with her ass.

It took her a while, mostly because I think she was a bit embarrassed, but she came very hard for me. It was wonderful.

So now she's out at the movies with a sore bottom and a most definitely very sore pussy, and I'm sure every time she squirms in that seat she'll know that even if she does get to fuck this guy, that I OWN that pussy today.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A new record for me!

So I have always told people the longest I'd ever gone locked up was "roughly two weeks" which in reality was about a week and a half, maybe a day more.

Well, on August 20, 2012 I was let out and graciously allowed to orgasm. After fifteen days. Woo! New Record!

I know it doesn't seem like a lot, and I get that some guys who are into chastity maybe don't have a very high libido, but that was a long fucking time for me, lol!

And the best part about it is that she was telling me allllll about all the puppy play she wants to do when we get home (still in Houston), so on Saturday after we get home there's some fun in store.

She came into the room I was working in earlier and told me she needed me to stay at her parents house during the day on Saturday because she, her cousin's wife, and her mom are all going to go to this bridal show thingy.

I said I'd stay and cheekily asked if it was gonna be worth it for me.

I don't want to ruin anything but let's just say that, yes...it will be totally worth it. Check back saturday or sunday for another post. :P

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I knew this would happen eventually.

When I first discovered BDSM, thanks to the Yahoo! Instant Messenger user chats when I was about 14, the thing that really got me into it was pet play. I was young and had some self esteem issues, and chatting and being someone's cute little puppy was something that really really worked for me.

I would wag my tail and curl up at their feet, and they'd talk about what a cute little thing I was, and reward me for being so cute, and for being a good puppy and doing as I was told.

In my young mind, having been rejected by people so much throughout school and what have you, this was amazing. All I had to do was be a good boy, and I could get that special attention that I never had before. 

I had kind of forgotten about all of that until a few months ago, when I was cruising around on hypnochan looking for things to listen to while being a naughty boy. I downloaded a few files, by a user named "Vive", just looking for something that would get me going. One of the files...it's called a masturbation loop. I guess you're just supposed to listen to it while you're cranking it and it either helps to get you off, or the supposed subliminals in it get inside your head and change you.

Either way, it's about becoming a dog. There are dogs barking in the background and a woman's voice, talking to you about how you've chosen to become a dog, and how you love being a dog. You're finding it harder to understand what she's saying and focusing on the dogs barking. Eventually, she says you can't understand at all because dogs do not understand English. She tells you with every stroke of your sex, you're becoming more doglike. More confused, more aroused, no hands- paws stroking you, etc.

Then last night I was on Omegle and decided that I'd play as a pup, so I put some things in my settings regarding petplay, and eventually I was matched with someone who was also interested in "pup". I introduced myself as a 23 year old puppy who was locked in chastity and the woman I was speaking with seemed very interested. As the conversation continued I was definitely in puppy mode and was emoting things that I would have been doing had she been there, and I kept getting all of the "oh you are just TOO cute!" type of responses...which....because I'm a little attention whore, drove me wild.

In the scene we were playing out she was teasing me mercilessly, to the point where I was begging her to stop, because she knew I didn't have a key, and even when I was "at my breaking point" she told me how she'd love to stop but I was "just so cute" lying there wriggling around and humping the air with my little puppy cock.

I had really forgotten how much I loved puppy play. The more I think about it....I want it more and more. I want to get pierced, so my cage is 100% secure. I want to be a good little horny frustrated puppy for my Mommy. I've mentioned puppy play to her in passing and she's actually kind of referred to it before, and loves the thought of me sleeping at the foot of the bed or on the floor next to her like a good puppy........I want to be so horny, and frustrated, and completely powerless and helpless because my poor little puppy paws couldn't even grab onto my little frustrated puppy cock even if I was allowed out of my little metal prison.

Don't even get me started on how it would feel to be allowed to "masturbate" for her. Puppies can't use their hands, that's for sure. Maybe she'd keep me locked up until I could make myself come from humping her leg, or foot, or a little pillow. I know she'd get a kick out of that, she loves to watch me squirm.....and making it so that I had to come like a little puppy would drive us both wild.

We're going to have to talk about this some more...definitely.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are spending more and more time in Houston these days.

and as such, have been packing and unpacking quite a bit.

We spent some time at the apartment for a few days, and then Mommy had a pretty big accident. She fell down the stairs while taking our dogs out one night, which is odd because she doesn't usually take the dogs out at night. She missed a step or two and fell, hurting herself pretty badly.

I got her up the stairs, and the next morning we tried to get her to a doctor to get some xrays done, to make sure there weren't any fractures. Ended up having to go to the ER because NO doctor would take a new patient, or didn't have appointments open that day. A bunch of bullshit. Thankfully it was only two very bad sprains, which left her pretty much immobile for a few days.

Anyway, she's up and moving around now which is great. We decided to go back down to Houston and of course I was locked up.

We got to her parents' house and she looks at me and says "You know..I hope you brought a key because I totally forgot to bring one."



"......welllllllll I guess you'll have to tease me extra hard then.."

I laughed nervously and she giggled and blew me a kiss.


(Oh I almost forgot!)

I finally (again) brought up my wanting to get a PA. She's apprehensive, like she was with the Chastity devices at first, because she's worried about something happening. I catch it on something and it tears or rips. Even though we both know that's not going to happen, the possibility is still there I guess, so it's a valid fear.

But I have a feeling if we have the money to get it done here in a week or so, I might get it for my birthday! I already have the jewelry from having my ears stretched out, so I just need to pay to get it done....as long as it's like an 8 or below. I have some 6's too but I'm kinda hoping to put those in my ears. :P