Saturday, July 9, 2011

The best day ever!

This post needs a little backstory.

For those of you that don't know, I have a very full life outside of kink. (Hence why my posts have been sporadic over the last few months.)

Aside from playing guitar, going to college and being the best subby boy possible, I love all things beer. Buying it, drinking it, and most of all MAKING it! I love brewing, and it's a passion I have only recently discovered seeing as I'll be 23 in august.

Okay, so anyway. Today we went to a local brewery's tour. It's a really small place as of right now and they make AWESOME beer. I'm not going to name any names but yeah. There is some other stuff that went on that I'm going to cross my fingers for, but I'm not going to talk about that here. :P

So we went to the brewery and I had a few dollars that we got from my parents last weekend, so I bought a souvenir 22oz glass for like seven bucks and of course I went to the free sample line. Tried some Stout and some Grisette and by the time I had finished both of those I was feeling pretty good.

So we came home and I took a nap because I was kinda tired and after an hour or so she came in and snuggled up to next to me and woke me up.  She tossed the covers off of me and started being all lovey dovey and I asked what she was doing. She told me she wanted to snuggle without pants, which made me laugh, and then she took her pants off (imagine that!) She was wearing these panties that are oh my god hot. Little thong things from Victoria's Secret with little stripes on them. 

I started kissing her hip, and she was really getting into it so I asked really politely if I could go down on her. She pulled me up and kissed me and then told me yes. By this time I was completely nude, except for my chastity device. She was on her back and I brought myself between her legs and she pulled me down and kissed me again. She lifted her foot up and started teasing me through my cage and then told me how much she wished I was unlocked. I laughed and told her that that was completely up to her, and then she told me to get my key from the bedside table.

I handed her the key and she unlocked me, and started stroking me. Oh god it felt so good. I had been locked since....either the third or fourth....we'll go ahead and say the fourth for good measure. She continued to kiss me and tease my cock and I could feel the heat of her pussy up against me and it was driving me wild. Her hands were running over my chest as hands are wont to do, and she twisted and pulled at my nipples like she has done so many times before. I was about to lose it, my cock was right up against her but she wasn't letting me enter, and the heat from her felt like it was going right into my core.

I finally begged her to let me enter her, and she smiled and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close with her legs and allowing me access. Man, it's been a long time since I'd been locked up and then used like this. Every thrust was making me go wild. Eventually she got so into it that she started calling me Baby Boy and telling me what a good boy I was, and I asked very politely for her to tell me that I wasn't allowed to come, and she obliged me. We continued and I asked her if she'd like to finish on top of me and she smiled and I assumed the position on my back. She got on top of me and started grinding me and god how I love that. Looking up at her, being underneath and basically trapped. Her going to town on top of me, just plain old using me like a fucktoy.

I got a little brave again and asked if she'd like to ride my face the way she was riding my cock, and she smiled and said something that I really can't remember. I was having a really hard time not coming at this point and I told her that if she wanted she could grind on my face and that would give her more control to make sure I didn't come. She straddled my face and as soon as I started kissing her I felt her hand wrap around my cock and start stroking me. She started to kiss my hip as I had done to her earlier and I could hear her going crazy. As her moans and gyrations picked up, so did the speed of her stroking and she entered that phase where I just new she was going to come. (also she told me how hard she was about to come all over my face, lol. I love when she talks like that!)

So the bang came and we continued a bit of loving, and she snuggled up next to me and told me it was time to go back in the cage. To be honest, that doesn't phase me. In fact I quite like it. I love the feeling it gives me, knowing that she just let me out so that she could have some fun, and that I was going right back in after she had used me to her liking.

So that was my day. How was yours?

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