Monday, December 5, 2011

uh oh!

So I was naughty.

like just now.

So horny little boy though process went like this:

  • Go take a shower
  • Fuck myself with the big toy 
  • get myself nice and warmed up
  • get out of shower
  • tell mommy about it and how I was so horny and wanted her to fuck me with the strap on
  • get my brains fucked out
and Mommy thought process was more like :
"You didn't ask me to play with the toy so I'm not going to reward you."

So now I'm sitting here hornier than I was before and just having to deal with it. :(


  1. Oh no! That's the worst ... getting all hot and bothered thinking you're gonna get sumpin sumpin and you get nothing!

  2. that is tough for sure, but it seems like a valuable lesson. if mommy owns your boy hole, you shouldn't be putting things up there without her permission. if you were my boy, i'd have given you a good spanking too :)

  3. I'm glad your Mommy is keeping you on a tight leash.

  4. lol- yeah very naughty boi! my KH would not be happy if I did that.