Friday, April 22, 2011

one of those days....

today has been one of those days that just...


I don't know what else to say, really.

Our first night with the strapon did not go as I suspected it would.

She wanted to go see Hop, so we went and saw it. When we got back to the apartment there was a UPS box on the doorstep and I took it in and opened it, and it was our strapon. It wasn't supposed to get here until tomorrow, so we were really excited!
She decided to walk to the grocery store by our complex and while she was out I locked myself up because I was thinking "Hey if she decides to fuck me tonight I want to be locked up to get the full experience..."

When she got back we made dinner and then went swimming. We came back home and changed clothes and ran to the store again to get some liquor and made some awesome mixed drinks in our awesome blender we got last christmas, and then watched Baby Mama. (one of her faves)

We started to "turn in" and as we were lying in bed I asked if her she wanted to try it on. She did, and put it on but told me I could only look at it for a few seconds because she felt silly. OH MY GOD IT WAS SO FUCKING HOT I WANTED HER TO RAPE ME.

Anyways she took it off, and then made a comment that kinda hit me sideways. A few weeks ago she had an idea, and grabbed a little necklace charm. She told me that if I put the charm on the nightstand, that within 24 hours (barring nothing crazy happened) we would have sex. No promise of an orgasm, or anything like that..just get to have sex. So me being me, as soon as I locked up, I saw that strapon on the dresser and threw the charm on the nightstand. Now back to us lying in bed.

"you know you only seem to put that thing on there when you're already locked up, how are we supposed to have sex if you're locked up?"

"well I had just assumed it meant any kind of sex, like me giving you oral or something."

"hmmm I guess soo.."

"..............uhm.......I just had a know....the uh strapon...has.....well you know it will fit me and if you wanted to.."

"I've already thought about it."


"I suppose so. Turn out the lights and put it on."

I have now been officially turned into a fucktoy. It was a total mindfuck. "fucking" her but feeling nothing but my cage, and hearing her moan, and then we switched it up and she rode "me" for a while before allowing me to bring her to orgasm with my fingers. My cock was aching the whole time and I really felt like even though I wasn't being allowed to penetrate her, that I could come at any minute while I was on top. It was amazing. I don't even know what else to say about it.

I hope it's just as much fun when she's wearing it.

EDIT: I am leaking precum like crazy and we've been eating a ton of fruit. My precum is so sweet like candy. It's delicious!


  1. Sounds like a hot, hot night! I love that you're giving her more ways to enjoy herself sexually - none of which involve having to unlock you!

  2. Yes, chastity belt "sex" is utterly amazing, the more so because in its overall form it's so very vanilla.