Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Had some amazing fun last night.

She was in a very Mommy mood last night.

I was allowed out of chastity to make love to her. After we kissed and cuddled and she was ready for me, I was allowed to penetrate her and my cock was going insane from the moment her lips wrapped around my throbbing member.

She was talking all kinds of dirty and calling me her Baby Boy, telling me what a good job I was doing for Mommy and how much she loved me, and with every bit of praise, I would whimper, having to hold back my orgasm. She knew this, and kept cooing at me, reveling in the agony that I was in.

She cooed so sweetly at me and asked if my little cocklet was too close to continue fucking her, and I nodded, whimpering loudly out of frustration. She then told me to tell her that I couldn't fuck her anymore because I "couldn't control my little cock."

As soon as the words left my mouth, she forced my head down into her crotch and told me to finish, adding "you are not going to come tonight."


  1. Wow --- nice work, Mommy!

  2. So hot! I love getting into dialogue like this with my wife. Sounds like yours is a little naughtier :)

  3. Hot- you're a lucky guy ;-)