Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Dream

I was walking into a restaurant alone. It was something like a Bennigan's or a TGI Friday's, only once I walked past the outdoor bar area into the actual restaurant it was obvious that it wasn't a restaurant at all. It was some sort of lab. There was a dead man lying on the floor, his neck was mangled and oozing. Someone approached me from behind and the man on the floor started moving. In my dreamstate, I recognized he was a zombie... Or some sort of Zombie type infected person.

The person told me I needed to follow her, (It was a woman. I think she was black, or mixed race. Not that it matters.) and I did. We quickly went into a room that was in the middle of this complex, and it was obvious that the man I had seen on the floor wasn't the only one that was there. The room was rather large. A rectangular common room with a small rectangular office on one side. There was a door on each long side, opposite each other; diagonally. The walls were about waist high, and had shatterproof glass going up to the ceiling. (you know, the type that has the metal lattice going through it) There were a few other people in the room, maybe eight total including myself and the woman. The zombie types were assembling outside of the room, and a few minutes had passed. Maybe an hour.

All of a sudden this monstrous thing slammed against the glass. It had thrown itself against the glass and was stuck against it, like some sort of diseased, genetically mutated cephalopod that was trying to get to us.

It slammed itself against the glass again, and the window gave way under the sheer weight of this beast. It had jumped into the room and in one fluid motion had taken three people in it's gob. They were standing and were walking towards us. This thing was using them, and they were stuck inside of it like fingers inside of some monstrous bloodthirsty glove. Somehow I knew that I had to cut the people out of this thing, and had my pocketknife (which surprisingly was my actual pocket knife that I carry around.) out in a flash. I sliced this thing a few dozen times and eventually was able to free its captives.

The woman who had originally brought me inside was thanking me, and I looked at the clock and realized I had an appointment to get to. (Weirdest part of the dream. Getting out of a zombie filled building because of an appointment? I think it was the dentist.) The woman told me to go, and to hurry. I ran out of the door that I had come in, back to the outdoor patio/bar of the restaurant. There were people drinking and eating, and a man heading towards the door I was walking through. I told him quite firmly not to go in the building and made my way to my car. (It was actually my girlfriend's car)

There was a beautiful japanese girl standing by the door. I don't know if she is real or not, but I was instantly reminded of hitomi tanaka (porn actress) and yoko matusgane. (regular model) She was wearing a pink teddy, and a thong. One of those over the top frilly, cutesy ones that has a little poof on it and rides really high on the hips. As I walked to the car I opened my arms and she fell into my embrace and held herself tight against me. I could feel myself growing, pulsating, pushing against her. I was imagining how beautiful she'd look when I had her naked in a few minutes. Her neatly trimmed tuft of hair right on top of her soft pussy was all that was on my mind as she pressed herself against me even harder. I could feel my cock throbbing and aching for her, and as my hand reached down to her ass to pull her even closer to me, we began to kiss and I woke up.

I've never had a dream that was that intense. (towards the end) It was fucking weird because when I woke up I was hard as a rock, and I realized that what I felt when she was rubbing her barely covered sex against me was really just myself grinding against my underwear. lol.

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