Thursday, December 9, 2010

december 9th, 2010. A milestone.

this is my second/third day in chastity. well second day, third night if that makes sense.

apparently not being able to get any erection at all is a lot more sexually frustrating than if you were allowed a partial one. I get excited, the silicon gets tight and that makes me more excited. I feel as giddy as a schoolgirl.
(also, on a side note. Mommy went to a party like last year where some girl was ending her time as a surprise party holder, and everything was half off. we have a lot of toys, but I never could use them)
Mommy is in class right now and about a half hour ago I asked if I could play with some toys, and she said Yes. Playing with toys is still masturbating, even if I'm locked up so I have to ask.

here's something you should know. I'm a butt virgin. Never been with a guy who was a top, never been able to fuck myself with toys except for my prostate massager. I even have a small jelly plug(not exactly mine, but close) that I've tried to use before, but if I go a while without using it, it hurts. In other words, my ass is tight.

I decided that today was the day. I was so fucking horny, and still feeling super girly from taking all those pictures and wearing those G String panties all day yesterday. So I asked Mommy really nicely, and then went and found the Silky Stud. He's cute, not too big, and he's curved juuuuuuust right.

I threw a towel down on the bed and laid myself down. I lubed myself up with some H20 JO and slowly starting pushing the Stud against me. MMMMM he felt so big. I knew it wasn't going to slide right in, so I relaxed myself, opened up a bit and got the tip of the head in......I had to push my weight against myself to push the rest of him in and oooooooh he was hurting me, but it felt great and I kept on going. Slowly but surely, I got most of him inside me....I could feel it in my tummy, and in my caged cock....the tingles, like when my prostate was getting hit, but I knew it wasn't.  I knew if I was unlocked I'd be so hard, and dripping wet right now. Now is where it gets interesting. The stud is inside me, hurting a little but feeling great a lot. I slide my hand down and turn the base and he starts vibrating inside me, sending pleasure all throughout my body. It was as if every single nerve in my body had been moved to my little boy hole, and I was in heaven. I think the neighbors may have heard me (but now that I think about it, they're all at work) but I didn't care. I was moaning and writhing, and started moving him back and forth slowly...letting myself relax even more around his thickness.

this is when The Stud started to fuck me. I could tell I was relaxed, and he started sliding in and out of my wet little hole, using it like the fucktoy it is. He felt so good. His cock has got these ribs all around it, and feeling him penetrating me over and over and over again felt absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure if anyone was outside my apartment they would have thought that same strange woman had broken in and henceforth proceeded to get fucked, because I was moaning and acting like such a girl I think. Feeling the cock inside me, looking down and seeing that I don't even have a cock (at the moment).....only pink...feminine.....definitely not the big masculine guy I am in my outward appearance. I turned and laid on my side, and he started fucking me harder..I could feel my caged cock....the feeling you only get when you're being penetrated, or having your prostate hit....the tingling, the movement...the oh gods inside my urethra making me go insane.

That's when the stud pulled me off of the bed and took me into the shower...I was pinned up against the wall, my caged parts hanging there exposed while he fucked me as hard as I could take it. I could feel the warm water splashing against me as he entered me over and over again and I was going nuts......

the Stud must have had his fun, because he left and I was in the shower alone, washing up.

I had never been able to take anything more than my prostate massager without physical pain before, but today the stud made me his little bitch, and I can't wait for our next date. xoxo.


  1. Good boy, I'm glad your giving your boyhole this kind of special attention while your cocklet is safe and protected. I hope your horniness level is high and that you've been leaking helplessly.

  2. The comments and "good boy"s are definitely helping.