Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finals are over!

and my birthday's coming up!

Making plans to have people meet at my parents' house, and enjoying the few weeks of summer vacation I get between summer and fall semesters.

Paid for the new cage yesterday, and waiting for it to ship. I'm so excited! Here's a picture of it, just to show you guys what I'm getting. This isn't his normal design, it has a locking pin on it like the CBXXXX series does. I'm so excited!

Did I mention I'm excited!?


Wowie wowie wow wow.
It's 1:45 am right now. We just had some amazing fun. Still high and in subspace.

We are lying in bed and she throws the covers off of me and we being to kiss and canoodle, and eventually she reaches for me. I can tell this is going to be one of those awesome tease sessions because she is cooing at me and telling me I'm such a sexy boy, and using that voice that I love so much. She tells me I'm a sexy boy, and a good boy, and she asks me if I love being submissive to her, doing everything she says. I am in subspace at this point and agree to everything she says. She tells me to tell her how much I love being submissive to her and I try to scramble some sort of thought in my brain and answer correctly (I think I did ok.)  We change our positioning up and I ask her if she would use some lube, and she obliges me. She stroked me and teased me, and when I got to the edge I would try my best to hold back. She would coo at me and tell me what a good boy I was for trying so hard not to come, and eventually I was begging her. She got to this point....she was really enjoying my frustration. lots of "awwwws" and "you poor baby"s. She told me she loved hearing me beg for her, and that drove me even wilder, and I begged even more.

then shit got serious. She started touching me very lightly, just my head. I shuddered and made some squirms and told her how sensitive I was tonight. This turned into her stroking just the head of my cock...for...I don't even know how long. I was in agony. Sweet agony. She asked me ONCE if I wanted her to stop, and I shook my head, frustrated and desperate to come. But I knew I'd never come like this. It was torture. She had me on the verge of tears, and brought me back down. It was amazing. I was allowed to play with her and use my fingers to bring her to orgasm after she had her fill of teasing me, and I think I got some major brownie points for telling her how I really felt afterwards. "I'm feel like we just had the most amazing sex ever, and I don't even care that I didn't get to come. I'm just so happy that you came...and ....that endorphins are going crazy" and they were. This was about an hour ago, she's since fallen fast asleep (she came super hard. so wet. so fucking hot. I love it.) and I am up because the dog needed to go out. I wanted to write this all down before I forgot. I We haven't done anything like that in forever, and it made me feel amazing. I love her so much, and this night was just the icing on this amazing day cake I've been having.

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