Thursday, September 29, 2011


On a scale of 1-10, the other night was a 10 for sure.

But yesterday was a fucking hoverboard.

Yes you read that correctly. On a school of 1-10, yesterday was a Hoverboard.

This post requires me to take you back nearly two years.

We had celebrated our fourth anniversary, and I had given myself to her. She had given me a CB6000 for my birthday, and I had found out that a girl I worked with was also very kinky. We decided that it would be okay for to know about everything, and if anything, she could keep tabs on me when I was at work and report back if I did anything punish worthy.

The girl was gorgeous, and very sexually liberal (obviously.) She didn't wear panties most of the time, (she had informed me) and thought I was apparently cute enough.

Obviously, the very first thing my mind went to was her blackmailing me into eating her out in the storage area, and I came to find out that that had crossed her mind quite a few times as well.

So here's the thing. Goddess/Mommy (I need to get a better name to refer to her with on the blog. It's hard keeping up with it, because she does enjoy the Mommy dynamic, just as long as I'm not pushing it all the goddamn time.) and I had always been very open with each other, and as of today we have a fairly open relationship. This was two years ago though.

When we talked about our fantasies, and things like threesomes, she told me how much she loved the idea of me cheating. Not "cheating" cheating, like going out on dates and falling in love with someone, but just me going and fucking some girl and not okaying it with her first.

So here I go, I'm going to make a ballsy move. The girl at work, we'll call her "N", was having some boyfriend drama and was showing interest in me. We had texted, she had sent me some pictures of herself, and even sent me a nice little voice message where she talked all dirty and berated me a little bit. I got out of class one evening and we were texting and it came up. I invited her over and she was there at my house (well, my parents') a few minutes later.

N was well aware of our situation, save the fact the Goddess would be okay with it.  In fact, I had tried to explain to N about the situation, but she thought that there was some bad blood between her and Goddess for some odd reason, and wanted it to be in secret. I think she said that if she knew the other person knew about it, it would make her feel all bad and guilty or something. Either way, it happened.

She was very dominant. She came over and we laid in my bed talking about work and other bullshit until  I kissed her. We started making out and eventually I felt the need to come clean to her about how I had masturbated the night before without permission. She had been texting me, and we had talked about how I was supposed to ask. I told her (as I had told Goddess...leaving out what I had masturbated over) that I had jacked off without permission to the pictures she sent me the night before.

She chastised me and then told me to take it out and start touching myself like I had done when I was looking at her pictures, and I did as I was told. She was telling me all sorts of things and eventually made her way down and started sucking my cock. Oh my god she could suck cock. Fuck, she could suck cock. She came up and made me lay across the bed, and straddled my face. She ground herself into me while she continued to suck my cock until she came. I don't think she let me...I can't remember.

We hung out one other time but she was a bit more....distant? I dunno. We watched a horror movie and I sat down on the floor in front of her while she was up on the couch. She wasn't wearing any shorts or panties but wouldn't let me touch her, or worship her pussy or anything. Just sat there at her feet.

I had every intention of telling Goddess while it was going on, but after I had done it.....I felt guilty, and I was very scared that she wouldn't react well.

also, Goddess thought N was pretty hot, and probably would have had hot nasty lesbian scissor sex with her if given the chance.
                                                       Scissor me, Xerxes!

Now Jump back to last night:
We are lying in bed and Goddess is talking about how she feels bad for wanting to other people sometimes, even though we have an "open" relationship. I ask her why and she tells me it's because of me and my hesitations about her doing things with other guys.

I had to explain to her that it was something that I very much wanted, but I am the type of person who needs a push sometimes. I am the type of person who will go to a water park, and be completely stoked about the slide until I get to the top and sit down and go "Oh shit. Oh christ." and sometimes I need someone to hold my hand and help me with those things.

We continue talking about our relationship and things and she brings up me doing things with other girls. Now I know I am allowed to play with other guys, but I have never felt truly comfortable about fucking other girls/telling her. She asks if I would and I said "yes, if you were okay with it." to which she responded along the lines of "fuck, I wish you would."

The conversation went something like this.


"well yeah, I've told you that over and over."

"well....uh...I have to tell you something."


"I......I.....did stuff with N"

"oh okay, you're just saying that to make me horny so I'll fuck you"

"No! I really did!"

I told her everything that happened, and I was pretty scared she'd be pissed......

but she fucked my brains out and I even got to come. That was after the spanking I got for keeping it from her for two years. I was made to promise (while being flogged with the least painful of our whips/paddles) that I would NEVER keep something like that from her again, and I did, very willingly.


I don't even know what to say, really. I was scared that it was all talk, and it took a lot for me to tell her. I do feel bad for lying, so that's NOT gonna happen again.

so that's how awesome my life really is. I swear to god I am living in a porno or something.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Had some amazing fun last night.

She was in a very Mommy mood last night.

I was allowed out of chastity to make love to her. After we kissed and cuddled and she was ready for me, I was allowed to penetrate her and my cock was going insane from the moment her lips wrapped around my throbbing member.

She was talking all kinds of dirty and calling me her Baby Boy, telling me what a good job I was doing for Mommy and how much she loved me, and with every bit of praise, I would whimper, having to hold back my orgasm. She knew this, and kept cooing at me, reveling in the agony that I was in.

She cooed so sweetly at me and asked if my little cocklet was too close to continue fucking her, and I nodded, whimpering loudly out of frustration. She then told me to tell her that I couldn't fuck her anymore because I "couldn't control my little cock."

As soon as the words left my mouth, she forced my head down into her crotch and told me to finish, adding "you are not going to come tonight."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Dream

I was walking into a restaurant alone. It was something like a Bennigan's or a TGI Friday's, only once I walked past the outdoor bar area into the actual restaurant it was obvious that it wasn't a restaurant at all. It was some sort of lab. There was a dead man lying on the floor, his neck was mangled and oozing. Someone approached me from behind and the man on the floor started moving. In my dreamstate, I recognized he was a zombie... Or some sort of Zombie type infected person.

The person told me I needed to follow her, (It was a woman. I think she was black, or mixed race. Not that it matters.) and I did. We quickly went into a room that was in the middle of this complex, and it was obvious that the man I had seen on the floor wasn't the only one that was there. The room was rather large. A rectangular common room with a small rectangular office on one side. There was a door on each long side, opposite each other; diagonally. The walls were about waist high, and had shatterproof glass going up to the ceiling. (you know, the type that has the metal lattice going through it) There were a few other people in the room, maybe eight total including myself and the woman. The zombie types were assembling outside of the room, and a few minutes had passed. Maybe an hour.

All of a sudden this monstrous thing slammed against the glass. It had thrown itself against the glass and was stuck against it, like some sort of diseased, genetically mutated cephalopod that was trying to get to us.

It slammed itself against the glass again, and the window gave way under the sheer weight of this beast. It had jumped into the room and in one fluid motion had taken three people in it's gob. They were standing and were walking towards us. This thing was using them, and they were stuck inside of it like fingers inside of some monstrous bloodthirsty glove. Somehow I knew that I had to cut the people out of this thing, and had my pocketknife (which surprisingly was my actual pocket knife that I carry around.) out in a flash. I sliced this thing a few dozen times and eventually was able to free its captives.

The woman who had originally brought me inside was thanking me, and I looked at the clock and realized I had an appointment to get to. (Weirdest part of the dream. Getting out of a zombie filled building because of an appointment? I think it was the dentist.) The woman told me to go, and to hurry. I ran out of the door that I had come in, back to the outdoor patio/bar of the restaurant. There were people drinking and eating, and a man heading towards the door I was walking through. I told him quite firmly not to go in the building and made my way to my car. (It was actually my girlfriend's car)

There was a beautiful japanese girl standing by the door. I don't know if she is real or not, but I was instantly reminded of hitomi tanaka (porn actress) and yoko matusgane. (regular model) She was wearing a pink teddy, and a thong. One of those over the top frilly, cutesy ones that has a little poof on it and rides really high on the hips. As I walked to the car I opened my arms and she fell into my embrace and held herself tight against me. I could feel myself growing, pulsating, pushing against her. I was imagining how beautiful she'd look when I had her naked in a few minutes. Her neatly trimmed tuft of hair right on top of her soft pussy was all that was on my mind as she pressed herself against me even harder. I could feel my cock throbbing and aching for her, and as my hand reached down to her ass to pull her even closer to me, we began to kiss and I woke up.

I've never had a dream that was that intense. (towards the end) It was fucking weird because when I woke up I was hard as a rock, and I realized that what I felt when she was rubbing her barely covered sex against me was really just myself grinding against my underwear. lol.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

some things

We've been playing a lot more racquetball lately. I also locked up the other day and then she said she wanted to go play...I was worried about the cage and everything, but to be honest if I'm wearing undies and not boxers, it's no problem. It's awesome.

haven't used the cage as much as I'd like, but we're trying. :P school takes up a lot of our time.

She really loooooooves the design of the jailbird. She likes that she can touch me and give my poor imprisoned cock a few kisses and tease me further.

I have a bit of a crush on my English professor, as well. He's cute, and young. If he weren't my professor and I saw him at a bar I might try and buy him a drink, but for now I'll just stare at his ass while he's lecturing. :P

other than that......not a whole lot is going on in our lives. We went to a munch recently, but she was really uncomfortable, and I kinda was as well. I was under the impression that it was going to be completely vanilla, and then people started having discussions about old hang outs and old scenes (as in towns/bars) and using names, and referring to people as "Master such and such" and it was kinda not vanilla anymore. She gets really anxious, even to the point of feeling sick and that was one of those times.

I have been watching a TON of these hypno style trainer videos that I got off of ourdirtypleasure. I really enjoy the bimbo fantasy. Like....not so much the sissy aspect of it all anymore (although that's still a fun fantasy, obviously) but the bimbo-ization is what gets me. I'd love to be hypnotized into a drooling, silly little boy who only knows how to do what he's told, and is always happy and giggling, and ready for service.

Last night was another night when my insomnia kicked in and I only got a few hours of sleep, so I played some Fallout for a bit and tried to go to bed around 1, woke up four or five times and was up at 7. ugh.

Think I'm going to take a nap here in a few minutes before we go get some dinner.
oh shit, I almost forgot. I need to call my student loan people too! Lots to do today.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello Blog!

Oh how I've missed you.

My life has been insanely busy lately. School started back up, and with that came work. I'm also doing a bit of interning with a local business so I'm spread pretty thin when it comes down to sexytimes.

I got an email the other day from a woman who worked for an adult toy company, asking me if I'd be interested in doing some sort of Toy review for them. From what I understand, they send you a toy of your choosing (from a specific list obviously) and then you just....write a blog that is somehow about it, put up a few links, and then send them the link to the blog post. Next month you get a new one and do the same.

It seems interesting, and it's not EXACTLY being an advertising-whore. The representative made it sound as if you could basically do anything you wanted as long as the toy was mentioned (and I'm assuming not badmouthed, lol.) and you linked to them on the blog post. Like I said, seems interesting but I don't know if I'll have much time to blog in the future, let alone do posts like that, and I'd hate to see myself neglecting actual blogging in turn for something like that. (although, It IS pretty cool that I'd be getting free sex toys. I think any company who's willing to do something like this is pretty cool. So we'll see.)