Wednesday, April 27, 2011

some new stuff for you guys...

So, my readers will remember my date with the stud from before.

Well I have a new beaux in my life, and if that little blue fella was the stud, this guy must be the bull!
First things first, it feels SO real. (I was immediately reminded of a certain picture of a certain Master's cock when I started playing with know who you are.) When I opened the box and put my hand around it earlier today I got all tingly in my cage.
Second, he is BIG!
So I'm in the shower and there he is, hanging right in front of me, his big dick just bobbing at eye level.

He's not even fully erect, standing at attention but his big meaty cock is making me drool. I wrapped my lips around him and was reminded of the one or two times I actually got to put a real cock in my mouth. Taste aside, it's pretty damn close. I worshipped the cock for a lonnnng time, sucking on the head and gagging myself on it's girth. I lifted up the cock and started worshipping the underside and then started sucking and stroking at the same time. My locked cock was tingling and going wild.

I lowered him down and opened up the condom I had brought with me, and started slipping it on him. He's so big! the condom barely fits, I remember looking down at my cock and thinking "that's how a condom should fit on a cock. Tight....almost like it's not there!"

I tried my hardest to slide him inside of me but he is just SO big...and I haven't had a date with a man like this in a while. So I took the condom off and started kissing him again while I finished my shower.

I even took some pics!
Here's one of my cock next to him:

And here's one of me, the old boyfriend and the new cock in my life.

Adams' pleasure skin cock: 5/5 (I just have to learn to take it!)

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