Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hey you guys! dec 26 2010

Sorry I haven't posted as of late, Mommy and I have been super busy.

We drove back down to our parents' places and have been staying with them, so not a lot of naughty stuff has been going on.

I woke up on christmas eve with a sore throat, and by christmas day was running a fever of about 100 degrees. It sucked! I was still able to have a really awesome christmas though. My parents got us a really nice blender that Mommy has been wanting ever since we moved in together, so she was really excited about that. She and I didn't exchange gifts because we did not have the money to do so, but we still had a really great time. I'm still recuperating from the sickness, I broke my fever last night but woke up at about 1 a.m. and basically had little ten or fifteen minute naps all night long.......But, at least the fever is gone. I feel a whole lot better, just in case you were wondering!

We decide before we left not to take the chastity cage with us, just because we were not going to have much privacy, so I've been enjoying more freedom than usual! :P

hmmm..Okay, back to christmas presents. I think my favorite gift was one from Mommy's parents. I opened it up and was flabbergasted, because I had been looking at it a few days ago at barnes and noble and couldn't afford to get it for myself.

So now I've got some awesome brain melting reading material!
What was your favorite gift, that you either gave or received? Let me know!

Friday, December 17, 2010

december 17, 2010.

well we ended up not seeing TRON legacy last night.
Mommy slammed her finger in the door of the apartment as we were leaving, and it was REALLY hurting her. I was kind of worried that she might've broken it, but it seems to be just extra swollen and hurty. Hope she gets better soon. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

december 16, 2010.

Just posting, to post.

Finals are done and we have a few things we're going to do today. We had enough money yesterday to buy tickets to go see TRON Legacy, but Mommy hasn't seen the original so I'm going to make her watch it today before we go.

Probably going to go look at christmas lights tonight too, that ought to be fun.

enjoying my freedom, but the frustration and horniness is still there, what with the not being allowed to touch anymore. Will update if anything fun happens tonight!

Just got done watching TRON. Love that Movie.

Mommy went to the restroom to start getting ready for later, and I had an idea.

as some of you may remember, I have a...well, a set of rules that I agreed to in a contract.

well, I figured after last night I would write up an addendum, to show Mommy that I'm serious.

So the new rules (they may be a bit redundant) are as follows:
1) Boy does not have a cock. He may not refer to his penis as a "cock", "dick", or any regular "man" term. Acceptable phrases are up to Mommy's discretion. (cocklette, etc)
2) Because Boy does not have a cock, it is understood that Mommy will most likely seek out a Cock to please her. IF boy is allowed to fuck Mommy, he will wear protection, and is not to orgasm without permission.
3) Boy is NEVER to stroke himself. He is NOT to bring himself to orgasm of his own accord unless specifically told so by Mommy. He is not to ask to touch. If he should ask, be caught touching, or unable to prove he was not touching when Mommy suspects he was, he is subject to punishment.
4)boy must try to keep his physical appearance at its peak for Mommy.
5) Mommy may allow boy to play with other males, but his cocklette is NOT to penetrate ANYTHING unless given specific permission by Mommy or someone whom Mommy has put in charge of boy.
6) Boy will try his best to be good and must not assume that he will be allowed to make a boycum. If he asks, and Mommy is unhappy with his performance, he may be subject to punishment.
7) Any rules that Mommy may see fit to add to the rules set out for boy are hereby agreed to, pending signature of both boy and Mommy.

Signed_______Me!_________(Boy)     12-16-10
Signed______Her!________(Mommy) 12- 16-10

I'm excited, and hope that the new rules will help me be a better boy for Mommy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december 15th, 2010

15 followers? On the 15th?


not much going on today. Mommy's been kind of sick (super lucky I got let out last night) so we've been taking it easy, and I have a final in about a half hour for one of my classes and then I'm done! :D

Oh, anybody from fetlife, remember to ask kinky santa for presents! They're giving away over $15,000 worth of toys from all of their advertisers and supporters to all of us!


Mommy and I went out to eat (courtesy of her Mom) to celebrate our finals being done. On the way back home she said she needed to run an errand and that I should run upstairs and get the cash for her, and she would go. I jokingly asked if she wanted me to be naked and blindfolded when she got home and to my surprise she said "Yes."

I ran upstairs and got her the money, then ran back upstairs to get ready. I wasn't totally naked because it was collllllld, but I put on my collar, buckled on my ballgag, and slipped on one of our cuffs, before lowering the blindfold down and then velcro the other cuff around my wrist.

I laid there for what seemed like an hour. Every car I heard pass by was hers, and my heart would go aflutter. Finally I heard the distinctive sound of HER car and I knew for sure that she was here...I could hear the stairs outside of our apartment doing their usual creak, creaking as she made her way up and unlocked the door.

She walked into the bedroom and gave me an "awwwwwwwwww" and then commented on how good of a boy I was being, and how I even had my collar on. Mommy laid down next to me and started running her hands over my legs, commenting on the smoothness (although she has previously said that she doesn't like it very much and would rather have me not shave my legs) and kissing my cheek.

I asked......well, mumbled...through the gag for her to please take off my cage she asked me what I was saying, giggling. It was pretty obvious she know but I repeated myself "wiww oo peease tage off muh caye mo-my?"

She smiled and removed it slowly, and started touching my (at this time) cock. At this point we noticed I was a bit chaffed, but not near enough to make me want to ask her to slow her advances. I was huffing and puffing and she smiled and leaned forward and unbuckled the ballgag. My jaw felt so weird, I don't think I'd ever worn it for that long before. Mommy started stroking me, and I was already getting all drippy. She made sure to comment on that, and then she leaned in really close and said "I hope you don't think you're going to cum tonight, because after I get done teasing you, you're going back in your cage."

I whimpered softly.

She straddled me, and I started grinding against her, trying to feel her against me....

I asked her if she would please fuck me and she said "no."

I asked "Why?"

"because you have a little bitty boy cock, and Mommy's pussy is only for real men with real big cocks."

"y...yes Ma'am....."

the grinding and straddling continued, and I decided that It was time to maybe dig my own grave a bit.

I asked her sheepishly "d....don't you think it's unfair to all big ....cocks...that you're comparing me to them?'t we...maybe call it something else....?"

" mean like....hmmmm..what was it you called it the other day? a cocklet?"

"y....yes Ma' you like...that....word?"

Mommy smiled at me and said yes, that she did like it, very much.

I then started to dig my grave a little more and told her about some of the rules I had read for boys from a Master on lockedm4m (and actually on blogger too) I said "you know that Master I was talking about who has all those boys?"


"well he said that uhm...for is totally passive. They don't have they don't get to fuck...they get fucked......e....e...even w...with uhm...other boys..they don't get to touch or anything like a real man would either....."

"hmmm. so if I let you go play with another boy, you should be locked up, hmmm?"

"o....only if you wanted me to be......oh...and uhm...he says...for his boys....that they're only allowed to ....uhm....make boycums...if they have something in their....boyhole...."

this continued, and Mommy asked me if I wanted to be like one of those boys. I nodded softly, and hid my face because I was super embarrassed. We snuggled some more and Mommy let me grind against her soft legs, but could tell I was getting too excited and pushed me off, telling me to calm down.

we laid together, talking about how her boy's life may change in the near future. We talked about things that we may do....I asked her if she really meant all that stuff she said earlier, and she asked "What stuff?"

"you know...about my uh....cocklet...and not being allowed to fuck you and sttuff anymore....."

"well of course, babyboy! you might get to feel Mommy's pussy if you're a VERY VERY good boy and I just REALLY want you to fuck me..."

I gulped nervously in my head, but my cocklet was saying otherwise (even writing this right now has got me all excited and probably drippy again). then she sat up and said "well I really have some stuff to do..." and got up to get dressed.

the chaffing is a little worse than I thought, but it's only two small spot on the underside of my shaft. I told Mommy that if she wanted I could just wear the hard plastic cage and it wouldn't be as bad on the chafing. I think it was a combo of having shaved the other day and getting a bump or two on the shaft of my cocklet, and having not lubed enough while in the cage. Lube/lotion/etc is VERY important when you're a locked boy! Mommy's letting me have the night free, as long as I promise to be a good boy, which I did. I love her so much, I'm the luckiest boy in the whole wide world!

soooooo, that was my day! how was yours!?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

december 14, 2010

got to spend some quality time with Mommy today.

Even got an orgasm.

We talked a bit about her trying some new things, things she hasn't told me she was into yet, and all sorts of stuff. All mushy gushy, I know you guys don't want to hear about it. :P

was allowed an orgasm and going to go back into the cage after I shower in a few minutes.

Don't know how long it will be until the next one is.

Monday, December 13, 2010

december 13, 2010

I have been contemplating whether or not to post the pictures I took from last night.
Like I said, his cock is disproportionately big. I expected him to have such a cute little cock when we first played, and he pulled his boxers down and all I could think about was sucking him. In fact, right now that's pretty much all I'm thinking about as well. :D

actually, every time I come back and look at this post, all I can think about is sucking his cock. I really need a dom guy right now! :D

I imagine if anyone enjoyed seeing me locked up, they'd LOVE these two.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

december 12, 2010.

The guy I had kinda wanted to see.... Remember Him?

He's been asking me to come over and study, and seeing as our test is tomorrow, I decided to meet up with him at his place and get some studying in.

We had been hitting the books pretty hard, and after an hour or so decided it was about time for us to take a break. I leaned back in the chair and stretched, yawning. ( I didn't sleep well last night. I was way too excited about my legs!)

He hinted at being able to give me a massage, and then said  "....but I have to shower.......I could give you a massage IN the shower..."

"shit. Do I tell him?......."  My brain was going crazy...what do I do?

"uhm....well....Remember when I told you I was really really kinky?"


"well uhm...One of the things that gets me off is uhm...ironically...chastity...."


"and uh, well one of the cages I have....[Mommy] picked it so it's's Pink."

"oh. I like pink!"

"well yeah, so that would hinder our fun in the shower"

He then decided that he was going to have some fun at my expense, and got on his bed and started rubbing my shoulders. He got up after a few minutes and turned off the lights, and switched his computer off, and returned back to the spot behind me. taking his shirt off and rubbing my shoulders some more...He began to slip his hands inside of my shirt and rub my chest, and started unbuttoning my shirt. He laid himself down on the bed and motioned for me to straddle him, so I did and started kissing his neck while he slipped his boxers off and began to rub his cock against my stomach....after a few minutes of this, we switched places and I got a lovely picture of his lovely hard cock and balls next to my caged bits. We kissed, he rubbed himself against me, and much fun was had.

Eventually I told him to lie down, and made my way to his cock. He's got a disproportionately large cock. Nice and thick too. I wrapped my lips around him and took him in my mouth and after just a few minutes he pulled me back up to him an I asked him if he wanted to come for me. He nodded, whimpering a bit.

I told him I wanted to see him come, and he smiled, spinning over onto his stomach, and began grinding on the bed.  He told me the only way he can come is if he's grinding on the bed, and I told him how much he looked like a naughty little puppy, as I...mounted him, and whispered into his ear, encouraging him. I moved back a little, and started rubbing his bottom and his thighs, and he started humping the bed faster.

He spun around super fast and then started stroking himself and came all over his tummy and chest. It was wonderful.

Can't wait to play again.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

december 11, 2010

I just shaved my legs for the first time ever. It took FOREVER and I didn't even get to do my ass. I was worried that my downstairs neighbors might've thought I OD'd in the shower and called the cops.

Mommy's been asleep since before I got in the shower, so it's a surprise. Nobody tell her!

mmmmmmmm. I shaved and shaved and shaved and with every stroke of the razor there was less boy and more girl. :P
feeling totally feminine right now, I even lotioned up my legs afterwards like mommy does to help keep from getting razorburn, and boy does that lotion feel good.

here are some pictures for you, dear reader. I decided to try and recreate the ones from the other night, so you could my transition from locked up little boy to locked up little sissy. Fuck that sounds hot. mm!

hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed making them!

Friday, December 10, 2010

december 10, 2010

today was fairly boring. No classes, finals are next week, spent the day cleaning the apartment with Mommy as he family is going to swing by tomorrow.

I think our neighbors got evicted...that sucks.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

december 9th, 2010. A milestone.

this is my second/third day in chastity. well second day, third night if that makes sense.

apparently not being able to get any erection at all is a lot more sexually frustrating than if you were allowed a partial one. I get excited, the silicon gets tight and that makes me more excited. I feel as giddy as a schoolgirl.
(also, on a side note. Mommy went to a party like last year where some girl was ending her time as a surprise party holder, and everything was half off. we have a lot of toys, but I never could use them)
Mommy is in class right now and about a half hour ago I asked if I could play with some toys, and she said Yes. Playing with toys is still masturbating, even if I'm locked up so I have to ask.

here's something you should know. I'm a butt virgin. Never been with a guy who was a top, never been able to fuck myself with toys except for my prostate massager. I even have a small jelly plug(not exactly mine, but close) that I've tried to use before, but if I go a while without using it, it hurts. In other words, my ass is tight.

I decided that today was the day. I was so fucking horny, and still feeling super girly from taking all those pictures and wearing those G String panties all day yesterday. So I asked Mommy really nicely, and then went and found the Silky Stud. He's cute, not too big, and he's curved juuuuuuust right.

I threw a towel down on the bed and laid myself down. I lubed myself up with some H20 JO and slowly starting pushing the Stud against me. MMMMM he felt so big. I knew it wasn't going to slide right in, so I relaxed myself, opened up a bit and got the tip of the head in......I had to push my weight against myself to push the rest of him in and oooooooh he was hurting me, but it felt great and I kept on going. Slowly but surely, I got most of him inside me....I could feel it in my tummy, and in my caged cock....the tingles, like when my prostate was getting hit, but I knew it wasn't.  I knew if I was unlocked I'd be so hard, and dripping wet right now. Now is where it gets interesting. The stud is inside me, hurting a little but feeling great a lot. I slide my hand down and turn the base and he starts vibrating inside me, sending pleasure all throughout my body. It was as if every single nerve in my body had been moved to my little boy hole, and I was in heaven. I think the neighbors may have heard me (but now that I think about it, they're all at work) but I didn't care. I was moaning and writhing, and started moving him back and forth slowly...letting myself relax even more around his thickness.

this is when The Stud started to fuck me. I could tell I was relaxed, and he started sliding in and out of my wet little hole, using it like the fucktoy it is. He felt so good. His cock has got these ribs all around it, and feeling him penetrating me over and over and over again felt absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure if anyone was outside my apartment they would have thought that same strange woman had broken in and henceforth proceeded to get fucked, because I was moaning and acting like such a girl I think. Feeling the cock inside me, looking down and seeing that I don't even have a cock (at the moment).....only pink...feminine.....definitely not the big masculine guy I am in my outward appearance. I turned and laid on my side, and he started fucking me harder..I could feel my caged cock....the feeling you only get when you're being penetrated, or having your prostate hit....the tingling, the movement...the oh gods inside my urethra making me go insane.

That's when the stud pulled me off of the bed and took me into the shower...I was pinned up against the wall, my caged parts hanging there exposed while he fucked me as hard as I could take it. I could feel the warm water splashing against me as he entered me over and over again and I was going nuts......

the Stud must have had his fun, because he left and I was in the shower alone, washing up.

I had never been able to take anything more than my prostate massager without physical pain before, but today the stud made me his little bitch, and I can't wait for our next date. xoxo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

december 8th 2010 again!

yay I have a new subscriber!

thanks for reading Panda's Property!

just a quick update for everyone, the birdlocked mini is really really emasculating, even more than the 6000. First off you're not even allowed the partial erection you got before, and in my case...this one is pink.

so, I give you some pictures and hope you like them.

I'd like to make this a regular thing, and posted some before, but I don't think I ever got any feedback, so......any is appreciated.
                                                                Earlier today, feeling girly
And Later after my shower, feeling more Girly than before. Mommy loves these panties.

december 8th, 2010.

so in the past I pretty much all but threw out the birdlocked mini. I think a lot of the problem with the mini was the nocturnal pain. I went right back into the mini after not being in chastity for a while, and my penis said "nay nay!"

so, on a lark, I'm giving it a try again. I'd been locked in the 6000 since last night, and decided to snap the birdlocked on again and see what happened.

comfort is key, and during the day the birdlocked rocks. The nocturnal erections I was getting because of either the smaller diameter of the base or the smaller cage portion for my penis will hopefully not be a recurring problem.

plus mommy loves that it's pink.