Tuesday, December 14, 2010

december 14, 2010

got to spend some quality time with Mommy today.

Even got an orgasm.

We talked a bit about her trying some new things, things she hasn't told me she was into yet, and all sorts of stuff. All mushy gushy, I know you guys don't want to hear about it. :P

was allowed an orgasm and going to go back into the cage after I shower in a few minutes.

Don't know how long it will be until the next one is.


  1. How long were you in there, boy? I'm glad your Mommy has plans for you that you hadn't known about and that you had some mushy gushy time together.

    However, it's sad for me to hear about boys being bad, even if they were only following orders. Hopefully your mommy will keep you locked up safe and sound for a good, long time, and hopefully next time she releases your boyjuice, she'll decide that you shouldn't be allowed to "cum" (orgasm) --- in keeping with the name of your blog.

    Be good, boy!

  2. Well the title of the blog is more a play on the old "young, dumb, full of cum" phrase. Mommy enjoys rewarding me with orgasms when I've been good, but she has definitely shown interest in...other types of rewards....maybe a milking will be in my future!

  3. Fair enough! I just want you to be a good boy and I don't want you to lose your essential horniness. Are you locked back in your pink protector?

  4. but of course!

    oh, I forgot! It was just around eight days. I have to say, eight days without touching is a whole helluva lot for a 22 year old boy like myself.

  5. Yes, it is boy. Good boy. I'm proud of you for being good so long. I want you cocklet to be tiny and protected, straining within its plastic prison, trying to engorge --- but, finding itself forcibly contracted and unable to grow, it must sit in its own helpless horniness, leaking.