Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december 15th, 2010

15 followers? On the 15th?


not much going on today. Mommy's been kind of sick (super lucky I got let out last night) so we've been taking it easy, and I have a final in about a half hour for one of my classes and then I'm done! :D

Oh, anybody from fetlife, remember to ask kinky santa for presents! They're giving away over $15,000 worth of toys from all of their advertisers and supporters to all of us!


Mommy and I went out to eat (courtesy of her Mom) to celebrate our finals being done. On the way back home she said she needed to run an errand and that I should run upstairs and get the cash for her, and she would go. I jokingly asked if she wanted me to be naked and blindfolded when she got home and to my surprise she said "Yes."

I ran upstairs and got her the money, then ran back upstairs to get ready. I wasn't totally naked because it was collllllld, but I put on my collar, buckled on my ballgag, and slipped on one of our cuffs, before lowering the blindfold down and then velcro the other cuff around my wrist.

I laid there for what seemed like an hour. Every car I heard pass by was hers, and my heart would go aflutter. Finally I heard the distinctive sound of HER car and I knew for sure that she was here...I could hear the stairs outside of our apartment doing their usual creak, creaking as she made her way up and unlocked the door.

She walked into the bedroom and gave me an "awwwwwwwwww" and then commented on how good of a boy I was being, and how I even had my collar on. Mommy laid down next to me and started running her hands over my legs, commenting on the smoothness (although she has previously said that she doesn't like it very much and would rather have me not shave my legs) and kissing my cheek.

I asked......well, mumbled...through the gag for her to please take off my cage she asked me what I was saying, giggling. It was pretty obvious she know but I repeated myself "wiww oo peease tage off muh caye mo-my?"

She smiled and removed it slowly, and started touching my (at this time) cock. At this point we noticed I was a bit chaffed, but not near enough to make me want to ask her to slow her advances. I was huffing and puffing and she smiled and leaned forward and unbuckled the ballgag. My jaw felt so weird, I don't think I'd ever worn it for that long before. Mommy started stroking me, and I was already getting all drippy. She made sure to comment on that, and then she leaned in really close and said "I hope you don't think you're going to cum tonight, because after I get done teasing you, you're going back in your cage."

I whimpered softly.

She straddled me, and I started grinding against her, trying to feel her against me....

I asked her if she would please fuck me and she said "no."

I asked "Why?"

"because you have a little bitty boy cock, and Mommy's pussy is only for real men with real big cocks."

"y...yes Ma'am....."

the grinding and straddling continued, and I decided that It was time to maybe dig my own grave a bit.

I asked her sheepishly "d....don't you think it's unfair to all big ....cocks...that you're comparing me to them?'t we...maybe call it something else....?"

" mean like....hmmmm..what was it you called it the other day? a cocklet?"

"y....yes Ma' you like...that....word?"

Mommy smiled at me and said yes, that she did like it, very much.

I then started to dig my grave a little more and told her about some of the rules I had read for boys from a Master on lockedm4m (and actually on blogger too) I said "you know that Master I was talking about who has all those boys?"


"well he said that uhm...for is totally passive. They don't have they don't get to fuck...they get fucked......e....e...even w...with uhm...other boys..they don't get to touch or anything like a real man would either....."

"hmmm. so if I let you go play with another boy, you should be locked up, hmmm?"

"o....only if you wanted me to be......oh...and uhm...he says...for his boys....that they're only allowed to ....uhm....make boycums...if they have something in their....boyhole...."

this continued, and Mommy asked me if I wanted to be like one of those boys. I nodded softly, and hid my face because I was super embarrassed. We snuggled some more and Mommy let me grind against her soft legs, but could tell I was getting too excited and pushed me off, telling me to calm down.

we laid together, talking about how her boy's life may change in the near future. We talked about things that we may do....I asked her if she really meant all that stuff she said earlier, and she asked "What stuff?"

"you know...about my uh....cocklet...and not being allowed to fuck you and sttuff anymore....."

"well of course, babyboy! you might get to feel Mommy's pussy if you're a VERY VERY good boy and I just REALLY want you to fuck me..."

I gulped nervously in my head, but my cocklet was saying otherwise (even writing this right now has got me all excited and probably drippy again). then she sat up and said "well I really have some stuff to do..." and got up to get dressed.

the chaffing is a little worse than I thought, but it's only two small spot on the underside of my shaft. I told Mommy that if she wanted I could just wear the hard plastic cage and it wouldn't be as bad on the chafing. I think it was a combo of having shaved the other day and getting a bump or two on the shaft of my cocklet, and having not lubed enough while in the cage. Lube/lotion/etc is VERY important when you're a locked boy! Mommy's letting me have the night free, as long as I promise to be a good boy, which I did. I love her so much, I'm the luckiest boy in the whole wide world!

soooooo, that was my day! how was yours!?


  1. Such a wonderful update, boy! I'm very excited for you and I'm happy about Mommy's decisions for you. I'm glad you now have a "cocklet" in name as well as in fact. I'm glad that you are going to experience sex passively as a good boy should. I'm glad that you are no longer allowed to stroke or touch your cocklet.

    In terms of Mommy making use of your cocklet for her own purposes, this is what I suggest. If a Mommy wants to do that, she should get a cock ring and put it on the boy's cocklet. Make the cocklet engorge and then take emla or xylocaine or numbing cream and apply it to the cocklet so that it looses sensation; then she should put a condom on it and make it into a human meat-dildo. That way the Mommy can play with her boy and have all the fun she wants, but the boy won't feel anything bad (or much of anything at all.) Remember: you have to use the cock ring or boy won't be able to stay engorged, not feeling anything.

    I'm very happy for you, boy. Be good and obey your Mommy!

  2. Sooo sweet. What a wonderful gift you are giving Mommy! To give up your orgasms and sensation of your cocklette. It'll be great to hear about you on your back, Mommy sitting on your face and a man between your legs pounding you.