Monday, November 29, 2010

sorry about that!

I've been super busy what with school, the thanksgiving holidays, and everything else going on in my regular life.

Haven't been in chastity in a while, there have been some things going on... Specifically, I met a boy.

Mommy's always been cool about my sexuality, and the only thing really holding me back was myself.

But anyways, turns out there is a guy in one of my classes that has totally put me in the bone zone and we're going to see what happens with it. We've hung out twice now and the first time was...well....a bit intense...

I remembered to write about it on a certain forum I'm a member of, just forgot to update the old blogaroo, so here are the two posts encompassing our little dance so far.

He's in my accounting class, and I always got a bit of a vibe from him, but evidently my gaydar had been EMP'd and I couldn't ever get a good read.

anyway, I'm sitting in the advisor's office about to get told what to take next semester and he walks in and sits in a chair that is in front of an office directly across from where I'm sitting. It's a big room, with some couches and chairs in the middle.

Our eyes meet, and he gives me a wave, but it's more like a miss america wave. It made me crack up.

I get done and get ready to leave and he's using the entrance only door (that I was going to leave through as well) and I say "hey, that say entrance only you know" and we both leave and start chatting about the class we have together.

he says something along the lines of "maybe I should give you my number if you want to study or anything", and we exchange numbers and chat a little bit more before he has to go to class.

Miss America wave and everything, and I'm still on the fence. Is he just eccentric? is he just one of those guys that does weird things for the sake of being weird?

I dunno, but we exchanged numbers and he made a comment about being a texting freak, so I'm expecting at least one tonight, if not I might text him tomorrow and see what's up. He was pretty cute, so if we can hang out a few times and me get a good read on him, we'll see what happens.

Next post, a few days later:

so, here's my little story.

today I was sitting in the halls of one of the buildings, waiting to take a test.

after reading a post of [forum member], I decided to nut up and not beat around the bush.

I sent him a text-

"hey, I needed to ask you a question"
"alright, don't take this the wrong way, and if it's not the case this is the last you'll hear of it...Are you gay or bi? Because you're kind of cute and I don't really want to beat around the bush with it."
"damnit I am gay, but I'm going to start seeing a guy. and you're cute too. you suck! you said you had a girlfriend  But yeah, gay as hell"
"Haha! well, that sucks. yea I have a girlfriend, but she is cool. she's actually pushing me to find a boyfriend. So, Gay as hell huh?"

it goes on.
He tells me how hot he thinks I am, and that I have horrible timing because he has a guy coming up tonight from out of town who could be a potential boyfriend, and that he's never had a boyfriend before.

we talk about maybe hanging out before potential boyfriend shows up for the weekend, and plans change about five times due to my schedule, and we finally meet up around 5:00, and I head to his apartment.

This is an apartment done by the school, so it's pretty much a dorm. We go into his room (rommate is gone) and start talking. He's being real handsy, and I'm enjoying it.

I say something cheeky like "so you like bigger guys, eh?" and he smiles and starts holding onto me, rubbing my stomach through my shirt and then pulls it up a bit. Eventually he pulls me down to the bed and straddles me, and we start kissing. His shirt comes off and somehow so does mine. we kiss more...he has a thing for nipples. He kisses me and nibbles them quite a lot.

He gets down to his boxers and straddles me again, and we continue the kissing. I start rubbing his cock through his boxers, and I can already feel his precum soaking the cloth where I'm rubbing his head.

he gets naked and says something cute about taking off his boxers, and we go back to the straddling and kissing, with me stroking him when I can. (god I have forgotten how much I love touching other guys. I really hope things work out for me....) He kisses my neck, moves down to my tattoo and starts going down my stomach and I unbuckle my belt and pull down my jeans and he starts sucking me off. Wow. He's good. He's so excited, I can feel his body tensing and shaking the whole bed. He's grinding himself against the bed, and god it's fucking hot.

Eventually, I sit up and pull him towards me...We are now sitting up, kissing, and his cock sitting on top of mine, is balls are nice and full and I can feel them bouncing on top of me while I stroke him, and ask him if wants to come for me. He smiles and says yes, and I start stroking him faster


it's my girlfriend, and the plans that we were having to change everything for have happened. We were relying on her brother to let us know when we had to leave and of course, we don't know until the last minute.

It took so much for me to get dressed. We kept kissing, and I couldn't stop touching and stroking him. I wanted to stay so bad, and to top it all of, I knew that while I was driving the thirty minutes to meet her brother to pick up some shit we needed, that he would be home all alone, naked, and jacking off thinking of me.

I hope this potential boyfriend is a Jackass, for my sake.

can I please be greedy just this once?

so, I hope everything turns out okay. We seem to have some stuff in common, except I don't think he's too kinky. We'll see. :D (sorry about the text changes)


  1. Your posts don't show dates ... so went from locked up wednesday to being free to get sucked. I hope Mommy knows.

  2. ah, I hand't thought of that.

    yeah there had been maybe a week or two between my postings, I think I'll have to remember to date them when I do the updates in the future. Thanks!