Wednesday, December 8, 2010

december 8th 2010 again!

yay I have a new subscriber!

thanks for reading Panda's Property!

just a quick update for everyone, the birdlocked mini is really really emasculating, even more than the 6000. First off you're not even allowed the partial erection you got before, and in my case...this one is pink.

so, I give you some pictures and hope you like them.

I'd like to make this a regular thing, and posted some before, but I don't think I ever got any feedback, so......any is appreciated.
                                                                Earlier today, feeling girly
And Later after my shower, feeling more Girly than before. Mommy loves these panties.


  1. Nice pictures! ^_^ I love boys in chastity, and this birdlocked mini seems very interesting...I've never seen one of those before...
    Have fun wearing it,

  2. mmm i love those panties missy. So sexy