Thursday, December 16, 2010

december 16, 2010.

Just posting, to post.

Finals are done and we have a few things we're going to do today. We had enough money yesterday to buy tickets to go see TRON Legacy, but Mommy hasn't seen the original so I'm going to make her watch it today before we go.

Probably going to go look at christmas lights tonight too, that ought to be fun.

enjoying my freedom, but the frustration and horniness is still there, what with the not being allowed to touch anymore. Will update if anything fun happens tonight!

Just got done watching TRON. Love that Movie.

Mommy went to the restroom to start getting ready for later, and I had an idea.

as some of you may remember, I have a...well, a set of rules that I agreed to in a contract.

well, I figured after last night I would write up an addendum, to show Mommy that I'm serious.

So the new rules (they may be a bit redundant) are as follows:
1) Boy does not have a cock. He may not refer to his penis as a "cock", "dick", or any regular "man" term. Acceptable phrases are up to Mommy's discretion. (cocklette, etc)
2) Because Boy does not have a cock, it is understood that Mommy will most likely seek out a Cock to please her. IF boy is allowed to fuck Mommy, he will wear protection, and is not to orgasm without permission.
3) Boy is NEVER to stroke himself. He is NOT to bring himself to orgasm of his own accord unless specifically told so by Mommy. He is not to ask to touch. If he should ask, be caught touching, or unable to prove he was not touching when Mommy suspects he was, he is subject to punishment.
4)boy must try to keep his physical appearance at its peak for Mommy.
5) Mommy may allow boy to play with other males, but his cocklette is NOT to penetrate ANYTHING unless given specific permission by Mommy or someone whom Mommy has put in charge of boy.
6) Boy will try his best to be good and must not assume that he will be allowed to make a boycum. If he asks, and Mommy is unhappy with his performance, he may be subject to punishment.
7) Any rules that Mommy may see fit to add to the rules set out for boy are hereby agreed to, pending signature of both boy and Mommy.

Signed_______Me!_________(Boy)     12-16-10
Signed______Her!________(Mommy) 12- 16-10

I'm excited, and hope that the new rules will help me be a better boy for Mommy.


  1. Very nice contract, boy. I'm glad that your new status is now legally established. I especially like Rule #3. Don't break it.