Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just read my third entry...

and realized I never told you guys the rules that she came up with.

pretty simple stuff but I think it envelopes pretty much everything we'd encounter.

1. My mommy will always own and control my cock.
2. I will always do what my mommy says as soon as she says it.
3. I will not complain when my mommy asks/tells me to do something.
4. I will not talk back or be rude to my mommy in any way
5. I will accept all discipline as my mommy sees fit.
6. I will not lie.
7. I will listen to my mommy and think about what she says.
8. I will always think of my mommy first and ask permission before I do anything naughty or touch myself.
9. I will obey others when my mommy has put them in charge of me.
10. I will try to be a good baby boy at all times.

I know some of you are turned off by the whole Mommy/baby boy stuff, but let me reiterate, we are not an AB/DL couple. You could replace Mommy with "Princess", "Goddess", "Mistress", or even her name. It's just the term that we've come to start using...

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  1. Yeah I have a Mummy of my own, who isnt my Mistress. I think its more of a naughty taboo incest thing than it is an ageplay thing.

    Mummy is an awesome word though, because while it encompasses the stern disciplinarian, it also has the supportive, loving, caring connotation as well.

    At the end of sex with her, I just love her wrapping me up in her arms and telling me "Mummy loves you" <3