Sunday, December 12, 2010

december 12, 2010.

The guy I had kinda wanted to see.... Remember Him?

He's been asking me to come over and study, and seeing as our test is tomorrow, I decided to meet up with him at his place and get some studying in.

We had been hitting the books pretty hard, and after an hour or so decided it was about time for us to take a break. I leaned back in the chair and stretched, yawning. ( I didn't sleep well last night. I was way too excited about my legs!)

He hinted at being able to give me a massage, and then said  "....but I have to shower.......I could give you a massage IN the shower..."

"shit. Do I tell him?......."  My brain was going crazy...what do I do?

"uhm....well....Remember when I told you I was really really kinky?"


"well uhm...One of the things that gets me off is uhm...ironically...chastity...."


"and uh, well one of the cages I have....[Mommy] picked it so it's's Pink."

"oh. I like pink!"

"well yeah, so that would hinder our fun in the shower"

He then decided that he was going to have some fun at my expense, and got on his bed and started rubbing my shoulders. He got up after a few minutes and turned off the lights, and switched his computer off, and returned back to the spot behind me. taking his shirt off and rubbing my shoulders some more...He began to slip his hands inside of my shirt and rub my chest, and started unbuttoning my shirt. He laid himself down on the bed and motioned for me to straddle him, so I did and started kissing his neck while he slipped his boxers off and began to rub his cock against my stomach....after a few minutes of this, we switched places and I got a lovely picture of his lovely hard cock and balls next to my caged bits. We kissed, he rubbed himself against me, and much fun was had.

Eventually I told him to lie down, and made my way to his cock. He's got a disproportionately large cock. Nice and thick too. I wrapped my lips around him and took him in my mouth and after just a few minutes he pulled me back up to him an I asked him if he wanted to come for me. He nodded, whimpering a bit.

I told him I wanted to see him come, and he smiled, spinning over onto his stomach, and began grinding on the bed.  He told me the only way he can come is if he's grinding on the bed, and I told him how much he looked like a naughty little puppy, as I...mounted him, and whispered into his ear, encouraging him. I moved back a little, and started rubbing his bottom and his thighs, and he started humping the bed faster.

He spun around super fast and then started stroking himself and came all over his tummy and chest. It was wonderful.

Can't wait to play again.


  1. Hot story, boy. I'm glad that you have to be protected while you play with these untrained wild-boys. Just like your Mommy, I want you to stay good and pure while you're playing with them.

    It would be nice if you could encourage your playmates to be good boys too. How much sexier this would be if he were put into your old protector and you both rubbed your protectors together and whimpered with helpless horniness.

  2. Nah. I hope next time he gives your boyhole what it wants and needs.