Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st, 2011

Happy new year everyone! I opted NOT to post last night as I was severely bombed off of what was described to me as Bartender's Ginger Ale. (spiced rum, bitters, coke and sprite) They were delicious.

Had a wonderful evening at my parents' place and then went to Mommy's parents' to finish off the night.

I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful time and was safe/smart enough to not drive drunk.

well, one big thing is getting back in shape. Not even getting back in shape really, just getting healthier. We got that blender from my parents and have used it a couple times before heading back down. It. Is. Amazing.

you put in whole, solid objects....and Juice comes out. JUICE. not chopped up fruit. not kind of juice but has chunks in it. This bad boy DESTROYS solids. It's also fucking loud as shit. :P It made a mean grape juice, and then the next morning we made some mango smoothies with it. I NEVER HAVE TO GO TO SMOOTHIE KING AGAIN! YAY!

so I think the blender will help me get more of my vegetables in, as there really a select few veggies that I'm crazy about. Other than that, Mommy and I are going to start exercising more, and I'm going to continue doing my best to follow all of our new rules (and the old ones too!)

once again, happy new year!

Days in chastity in 2011 - 0
Orgasms - 0

(let's try this out and see how it works!)


  1. Sounds like some great goals! :) And the juicer sounds awesome, lol... although I admit I'm not much of a liquified veggie lover, lol

  2. well I'm not a veggie lover period. I figure if I can trick myself into drinking them by masking them with fruit flavors then I'm good. Kinda like those V8 drinks that are strawberry kiwi but also have carrots and shit in them. :D

  3. If you're going to track "orgasms", boy, you should also be tracking "spoiled or non-orgasm milkings." We want to see the "days in chastity" number go way up this year. Orgasms should stay in single digits (if they're necessary at all), but to compensate, you should be having "spoiled or non-orgasm milkings."