Wednesday, January 5, 2011

january 5th, 2011

Had a lot to get done today, but then we realized that our fridge was messing up, and I had to stay with the maintenance guy while he was here, so only got one of my tasks taken care of.

Mommy and I are going to start walking in the evenings, to get us out and moving and because she can't use the school's gym anymore...well, without paying. (being a graduate)

I am back in my old cb6000, just to mix things up a bit. Don't want my cocklette getting too used to anything, plus...well, the CB6000 allows me to get a little bit excited, which is way more than the pink birdlocked allows!

I am going to try and mold the KSD/PSD things here in the next couple of days with some boiling water like it says. I have read some things on fetlife saying that they caused a hematoma on the dorsal side of the wearer's penis..but that may have been operator error. I think if I actually take it and widen the opening a bit, it will work really well in helping the 6000 be more secure.

days in chastity in 2011 - 2
orgasms - 0
Ruined/Milkings - 0

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