Monday, April 9, 2012

Continuing the story...

First part can be found here

I went to sleep that night hornier than I'd ever been. I kept thinking about him, and the picture on his ad. His well groomed, greying hair and his piercing eyes looking right at me, as if he knew exactly what I needed.

He told me not to touch cock was aching and dripping precum all inside of my boxers. They quickly came off as I flipped over onto my stomach and ground myself against the bed. He never said anything about this!

I was grinding my swollen aching member against the bedsheets, thinking about how long it had been since I had come. Wow, it had nearly been a week! I had forgotten all about myself, having been drowning in schoolwork. The soft sheets felt soooo good against me and I grabbed my pillow tight, moaning softly with pleasure. I knew I wasn't going to be able to come this way, but god it felt so good!

I wanted to come so badly but I knew that if I touched myself....somehow....he'd know. So I flipped over, frustrated, and tried to get to sleep.

Class the next morning was a blur. I don't remember what was going on, I just kept thinking about him. About the things he said to me last night. The way he spoke to me. He knew. He knew exactly who I was. It was so strange. I got done on campus and grabbed some lunch and began to walk home, my mind filled with thoughts about our phone call tonight. What was he going to ask me? What was I going to say? Lost in my own thoughts as I made my way back to the apartment...I got inside and didn't even eat, even though I had been starving before.

I made my way to the bedroom and slipped out of my clothes before hopping on the bed. I could see the spot where I had been grinding myself the night before. It wasn't really there, but it was. Right there on the bed, a little twist of sheets that reminded me of give up control to him...and I didn't even know him yet.

I laid down and started running my hands over myself. My chest, my stomach...mmmm, my nipples. Every single touch sending impulses to my brain..and right out to my cock. I had to give it up, I was getting too excited. So I lied there in the bed, nude and horny. Aching and throbbing, and leaking from pent up excitement. I glanced over at my alarm clock and it read 1:00...It was going to be a long time until 7.


  1. I'm all hot and bothered now, I so can't wait for more.

  2. You're such the tease!! totally boned now.... thank you!