Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter weekend

So it's Easter weekend and I've been locked up for.....(I'm so bad at this!) let's say four days. I'm gonna go with Wednesday as the lockup date, it could've been tuesday but meh.

With the webfilter on, I've noticed that I am acting a lot better. I'm not watching porn all day and the things that I do have access to are not things that make me super aroused to that point I was talking about before. I'm able to focus a little bit better and have found myself trying out new things.

I was trimming my facial hair yesterday when I looked down and saw my tummy and chest hair. I'm not a very hairy guy but I think that's just because most of my body hair is blonde-ish. But my tummy and chest are a lot darker. Darker than my facial hair, even. Kind of weird. Anyway, I got a wild hair *chortle* and decided to run my clippers over and trim the hair on my chest and stomach.

which led to me running the clippers all over. I really like the way it feels. I wish I had the money to go get waxed or buy some home waxing stuff. It's a really really different feeling, and being all smooth all over makes me feel even more like a boy.

I took a few pictures because, you know, that's what I do. Speaking of pictures, I have some I wanted to show you guys but kept forgetting to post! So first, one from yesterday and then just a few rando's to keep you readers satiated.

I love size comparison stuff, especially when I'm locked up. I'm not THAT small, but I am definitely a grower, so being locked in a tiny cage makes me look a lot smaller.

This is my favorite of all the ones I snapped the other day. I was leaking quite a lot and it was only my second day in the cage. My poor little cock was so frustrated and wet. I love that feeling. This was the same night that I downloaded the webfilter.

 A site got blocked and it made me suuuuper excited!

Playing with precum. Makes me feel like Stretch Armstrong!

Look how far it goes!

And finally a close up!


  1. Wow! Love the pictures so much, especially that second one! Thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. Thank you so much, I'm still horny locked im my a little bit too big Desire. Will let him make shorter and will be sure, it would be better