Friday, March 30, 2012

stream of consciousness erotica because I'm locked and horny.

I had never been with a man before; not like this.

I mean sure, I knew I was bi. I jacked off to guys and watched porn where Masters and boys played together and it always did the trick, but this was different.

I saw his ad on Wednesday and couldn't stand it. I had to reply. The words he used seemed to jump off the screen and call out to me. "Don't be scared, Daddy's here." The title alone sent a shiver down my spine. I clicked to open the next page and there he was. Specks of grey in his charcoal black hair and a neatly trimmed goatee.

"Don't be scared. Daddy's here. Looking for a good boy to come and help me relieve some pressure. Experience with bondage and D/s a must. Boys who are into being teased and denied come right to the front of the line."


Why did it stick with me the way it did? Sure I enjoyed edging myself when I was in the right mood, and  who doesn't love a little teasing from time to time?

I left the ad up in another tab and tried to focus on the paper I was supposed to be writing. "When you're doing business in another country.... I wonder what he means by 'teased and denied?'"

I switched tabs and there he was. My cock twitched and my heart fluttered. My hand slid down my side and into my pocket....I slid my phone out and wrote down the number, my hands quivered as I tried to punch it in.

"This is Dan..."

I hung up. My heart was racing. I couldn't go through with it, this wasn't me. Meeting up with some guy on the internet. Jesus, he was probably a murderer, what's wrong with me?

My phone buzzed and my eyes shot to the screen. Fuck! It was him.


"It is very impolite to hang up on someone like that, young man."

"uhm.....I....think you have the wrong number..."

"I know exactly who I'm calling."

"I....I'm sorry. I was calling um...about.."

"About the ad."

"Yeah....about the ad....I uh....sorry. I just..."

"You just thought it would be fun to call someone at 12:30 at night and hang up on them?" My eyes shot to the clock. Fuck! I had been working on that paper all night and didn't even realize...

"I...I'm sorry. I was up late working on some things and I saw your ad....and I uh....I just felt like I needed to call."

"Needed to call because?"

"I...well...the uhm...title.....kind of stood out and I...."

"I see."


"You've never done this before have you?"


"No what?"

".....No sir." My heart stopped and my skin turned to gooseflesh. I felt it shoot all the way down my spine. How did he....I just...wait...what?

"Good boy. Listen, you sound like an alright kid, but it's after midnight. And it's Wednesday."

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to-"

"It's alright. I'm going to call you back tomorrow, about 7pm. I want you to be ready to talk to me when the phone rings. Think about why you answered my ad and I'm going to have some questions for you. I want you to think really hard and answer them truthfully. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"I'll talk to you then."

He hung up, and I sighed, letting my eyes close and allowing his voice to swim around my head. I leaned back in the chair and allowed my hands to run over my body.....down my chest and stomach and slipping into my jeans.....I looked at the page in front of me. His hair, his voice...the way he used his voice..the way he knew exactly what to say to make me just.....I grabbed my cock and squeezed, moaning softly.

The phone buzzed a text message and startled me. I almost fell out of the chair trying to grab it. I shook my head and laughed at myself for acting like that. What, who's gonna see me jacking off at 12:30 at night in my own apartment? I unlocked the phone and looked at the text.

"Don't even think about touching yourself."


  1. I can't wait to hear how this unfolds.

  2. thanks! I posted a short continuation just now in between classes, hope you guys like it!