Sunday, March 4, 2012

So yesterday at work...

I got sent off by myself to go work on this pump for a few minutes, which meant "go stand by this pump until somebody radios you to turn it on."

I was horny as fuck and had actually locked up in the middle of the night prior to this, so I was feeling a little adventurous.

Apparently I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me because I thought about taking a few pictures and it got me SUPER horny. So I unzipped my jeans and waited in exhilaration as cars would pass and I had to time everything just right so I didn't get caught. I snapped a few pics of my cage peaking out of my jeans and sent them to Mommy. Except her phone is wonky and won't receive picture messages so I had to put them on fetlife for her to see them.

She was very pleased. In fact, I think it made her whole day. She's been really depressed and it's gotten to the point where she's going to talk to someone, and after seeing the pictures she was all smiles and telling me what a good boy I was, and how sexy I was, and just being in a generally good mood.

After I got off work, we went out to eat and both got some margaritas, and then headed home to hang out and watch SNL. I jumped in the shower to rinse off the sweat from work and she poked her head in to say "I love you." Then a few minutes later she poked back in again and asked if she could join me(which, we haven't done in forever, mostly because our hot water heater hasn't been fixed yet, lol) and I practically jumped for joy when I said yes.

She slipped into the shower with me and started running her hands all over my body, and made sure to give lots of attention to my caged cock. God she is so hot! I love that feeling of being so horny and so excited and her little dainty hands can hold all of me in them with no problem.

We got out of the shower, watched SNL, and then decided to head to bed where there was more kissing and canoodling and teasing the boy while he pleasured her. Then sleep.

We had a talk recently, because she hasn't been showing much interest in my locking up and she told me it was because it seemed like to me, it was all about the cage and I was focusing everything on that instead of on her. She was right. It's easy to do that when you fetishize something, and when you're actually living it, that's all you think about sometimes, but you have to remember who's numero uno. Who got you there? Who helped you reach this point? Who's the one who really OWNS that cock and balls, and cage?

I'm glad we're at a good point now, and I feel a lot better about my obsessions. :P

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