Monday, November 1, 2010

well we were both pretty tired.

and not a lot happened last night, other than us snuggling a bit and going to sleep.

We got back from classes today, and she told me I should give her a good rub down, and if I did a good enough job she may not have to beat my ass with that damn paddle, so I did. 

Mommy has an amazing ass, and I am an ass freak, so about halfway through I started rubbing her calves and rested my head on her bottom. I asked if it was ok if I kissed her and she said yes, so I spent the next ten or so minutes with my face buried in her ass while rubbing her feet. Heaven.

I feel really bad about saturday still.....I think that we are going to make sure that doesn't happen in the future though... I had mentioned maybe getting a lock meant for luggage that had a combo. Obviously I wouldn't know the combo unless it was an emergency, and I think those are inexpensive enough so that if there were an emergency we could just go grab a new one later that day. Either way, it will work out fine. Haven't needed a key for a real emergency except for the time the cage broke after we first got it, and that was easily fixed. I think from now on if Mommy goes out of town she will take the keys with her. I wish that I had the strength to be good when I know where the key is...but....yeah...

maybe we'll start using an envelope again. i dunno, have to ask her and see what she's decided.

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