Sunday, October 31, 2010

about last night....

so last night after working all day I asked Mommy if I could take the cage off to give myself a thorough cleaning.

she said yes, told me where the key was, (which I had actually asked her to take with her, so I wouldn't be tempted when I get desperate...keep this in mind) and I washed myself. I actually did not need to lubricate myself to go back into the cage, my penis seemed complacent in his lack of sexual activity.

later that night, I realize that I may need to lube myself a bit after getting aroused and having my penis get stuck about halfway through the shaft of the cage. I took off the cage and was instantly rock hard, the ring still around my cock and balls.

So I started touching, not with the intent to orgasm, just...seeing what it felt like after six days with no touching.  I had so much precum on my head, It was ridiculous. I had also discovered a captioned gallery on that was making me quite excited. I was enjoying the tease and edge play when it happened.

My will had broken. I wanted to stop, but my penis begged me "No!" and I just could not stop myself from touching. I had an amazing orgasm, and came all over my stomach. (which is a big thing for me, I don't shoot very far)

I felt horribly guilty, and this afternoon when I went to meet Mommy at her parents I had to tell her. I was very worried that she'd be super upset with me, but she was understanding. I am still going to get punished, and I am not looking forward to that, but on our way home she called me to let me know she had to run back to her parents' house and would be a few minutes behind me getting in, and that I should be naked when she gets home.

just got home, typed this up and am getting naked after I hit submit. I wonder if I should take off this skeleton makeup?

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  1. I think Mommy should beat your little bottom you naughty little bitch boy