Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No release yesterday...

I had gone to a friend's house and done some stuff over there, then we all came over to the house and Mommy made us all dinner. It was awesome. Best Dinner Ever.

The friends left and I hit the hay because for some reason this daylight savings time stuff always fucks with me.

keeping my fingers crossed that maybe today I'll get some, lol.

3 days in chastity and.....four(?) without an orgasm so far?

I was thinking the other day of trying to do a month for her, and start it right around the 24th of November...But I really don't know if I can do it. I mean, I lost my mind after six days before. Plus, we'd have to deal with nocturnal emissions, but that would give us a great reason to explore prostate milking together.

just a little edit here:

it used to be that I could call or text, and ask very very nicely and be allowed to come. Even if I was locked in chastity, if I called and asked permission, she would normally allow me an orgasm.

evidently that's changed, as I was literally begging through some text messages earlier and was told no over and over again.


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