Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry for the little hiatus.

We've both been super busy, with school and the real world. October is a busy month for Mommy's side of the family, lots of birthdays and what have you.

so......after trying again and again and again with the birdlocked I finally broke down and went back to the CB6000, but with a few changes.

Here's the deal: The birdlocked is great. It's comfortable, it's soft, you sometimes forget you're in it, and it doesn't allow for the partial erections that the 6000 lets you have. The only problem is security. I can pull the birdlocked off if I'm desperate, and there have been a few occasions where I had a nocturnal erection that would NOT go down, and had to just pull it off because we couldn't find the key. It's great for exercising or riding my bike, but other than that....I'm pretty disappointed.

So unfortunately, I haven't been too chaste lately because of that.

I decided the other day that I'd go back into the 6000, and when necessary, take it off and put on the birdlocked for certain activities.

Seems to be working well enough, but I'm only one day back. I forgot how much my cock likes the feel of the, I put it on and feeling the plastic around me and stuff got me all excited, and that made it extra difficult because I was freshly shaven and I'm ALWAYS about a million times hornier when I'm freshly shaved.

Oh, on a side note- Bath and Body works sells a men's shave cream that is mentholated and it's AMAZING, both as a shave cream and as a bit of a tease when you're in the shower and those nice vapors are coming off of your crotch. Good stuff.

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