Wednesday, October 27, 2010

another lovely day in chastity.

so today I am going on my third (we think, lol) day back in chastity for a while. After deciding to switch back to the CB6000, we've been a little more serious about it. Today was fun, :P. I didn't go to my last class, and Mommy gets out an hour after I do, so I came home and took a shower (I was running late this morning) and cleaned myself real good, then came and chilled out on the laptop. I started looking at porn, specifically stuff from I love captioned porn, I don't know why though. The only problem with captioned porn is that a lot of the people making it are guys and apparently, did not finish the second grade, so some of it is instant boner kill.

anyway, I'm sitting here, locked up, looking at porn (specifically sissy stuff on imagefap. always gets me going because I am SOOO far from being a little petite sissy boy that it's a big fantasy of mine. hence why I'm totally weak for big muscle bear daddy types.) and enjoying my frustration when I look down and to my surprise, my squirt gun seemed to spring a leak. I was pre-cumming like crazy! And after only two or three days! When I say I was pre-cumming like crazy, I mean crazy. I mean it was coming out of the top of the cage and falling back, and I decided to stop looking at porn, and pulled my undies back up. The fun didn't stop there, because I had a nice big wet spot in my undies.

I told Mommy about it while we went to lunch on campus and she just smiled, grabbed my hand and told me I was "such a sexy boy" which makes me squeal like a schoolgirl.

We arrived home later and she led me to the bedroom, where we had some naughty fun. She pulled off her top and bra and motioned me to come over to her, so I did....on my knees in between her legs, kissing her stomach and her soft breasts, I could feel myself throbbing like crazy. She then told me to take off my pants, so I did, and after a few minutes I was told to fetch her purse, where she produced the key and told me to take off my cage.
She began touching me and told me to get on top of her like I was going to penetrate her, and started stroking me softly while the head of my cock rubbed against her pussy.... After some very very very good begging from me, I was allowed to penetrate her, but only for a few minutes.
She then told me she thought it was time that I went back in my cage and I pleaded with her, asking if my hands were tied behind my back if I could please have some more attention, that way she could tease me and no matter how desperate I was I couldn't touch, and she obliged. I also asked if I could wear my collar for her, and she said yes to that as well.

Mommy has learned (I think from my reactions) that she can just barely have her hand wrapped around my cock and it feels amazing, but is frustrating. You want the touch, but you dare not ask her to do it differently, it's not your place. I got really close to coming a couple of times, and after a few minutes she stopped and told me it was time for lock up again. I sat for a few minutes, and got soft, whining a bit until she asked me if I was complaining and wanted to be punished, to which I quickly replied "no!"

So, she uncuffs my wrists and tells me I have five minutes to be back in my cage or I will be spanked with the paddle that I do NOT like, which made me hard as a fucking rock. Luckily, I was able to think of other things and get back into the cage before the time was up, and shoed her my locked cock for inspection. She fondled my balls, telling me what a good boy I was, and then pulled my jeans up over the cage slowly.

I forgot how amazing it was to give part of yourself up to somebody in this sense. It's amazing. I'm so horny, and frustrated, but I've never felt more loved or at peace relationship wise.

oh, to anyone wondering- We got the collar and the paddle from Mr. S Leather. they're based out of San Francisco and make some great stuff.

here's the collar on some guy that's wayyy sexier than me:

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