Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year over, another starts, just like that.

Spent time with Mommy's family this year as opposed to mine. We usually do my family for new year's's a long story...we ended up going to some property her family has and camped out. It was actually the first time we've been able to use our tent without the canopy on top of it, so sleeping out under the stars was awesome!

Now we're back home and enjoying our time before classes start again.

I saw a boy on /d/ who was doing some drawings per request and he's got an awesome blog as well, just archiving all of his drawings. Got one in and wanted to post it and send you guys to him. He does all of these in ballpoint, just little scribble type drawings, but they're awesome....and I'm pretty sure he's about the same type of boy as his main character.

and here's his blog:
Check him out!


  1. You like /d/ too? I'm on there all the time...I love the drawing! I'll definitely have to check out his blog, too ^_^

  2. haha. Yeah, I spend way too much time on /d/, /soc/, and that other one.