Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are spending more and more time in Houston these days.

and as such, have been packing and unpacking quite a bit.

We spent some time at the apartment for a few days, and then Mommy had a pretty big accident. She fell down the stairs while taking our dogs out one night, which is odd because she doesn't usually take the dogs out at night. She missed a step or two and fell, hurting herself pretty badly.

I got her up the stairs, and the next morning we tried to get her to a doctor to get some xrays done, to make sure there weren't any fractures. Ended up having to go to the ER because NO doctor would take a new patient, or didn't have appointments open that day. A bunch of bullshit. Thankfully it was only two very bad sprains, which left her pretty much immobile for a few days.

Anyway, she's up and moving around now which is great. We decided to go back down to Houston and of course I was locked up.

We got to her parents' house and she looks at me and says "You know..I hope you brought a key because I totally forgot to bring one."



"......welllllllll I guess you'll have to tease me extra hard then.."

I laughed nervously and she giggled and blew me a kiss.


(Oh I almost forgot!)

I finally (again) brought up my wanting to get a PA. She's apprehensive, like she was with the Chastity devices at first, because she's worried about something happening. I catch it on something and it tears or rips. Even though we both know that's not going to happen, the possibility is still there I guess, so it's a valid fear.

But I have a feeling if we have the money to get it done here in a week or so, I might get it for my birthday! I already have the jewelry from having my ears stretched out, so I just need to pay to get it done....as long as it's like an 8 or below. I have some 6's too but I'm kinda hoping to put those in my ears. :P

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