Saturday, August 11, 2012


I knew this would happen eventually.

When I first discovered BDSM, thanks to the Yahoo! Instant Messenger user chats when I was about 14, the thing that really got me into it was pet play. I was young and had some self esteem issues, and chatting and being someone's cute little puppy was something that really really worked for me.

I would wag my tail and curl up at their feet, and they'd talk about what a cute little thing I was, and reward me for being so cute, and for being a good puppy and doing as I was told.

In my young mind, having been rejected by people so much throughout school and what have you, this was amazing. All I had to do was be a good boy, and I could get that special attention that I never had before. 

I had kind of forgotten about all of that until a few months ago, when I was cruising around on hypnochan looking for things to listen to while being a naughty boy. I downloaded a few files, by a user named "Vive", just looking for something that would get me going. One of the's called a masturbation loop. I guess you're just supposed to listen to it while you're cranking it and it either helps to get you off, or the supposed subliminals in it get inside your head and change you.

Either way, it's about becoming a dog. There are dogs barking in the background and a woman's voice, talking to you about how you've chosen to become a dog, and how you love being a dog. You're finding it harder to understand what she's saying and focusing on the dogs barking. Eventually, she says you can't understand at all because dogs do not understand English. She tells you with every stroke of your sex, you're becoming more doglike. More confused, more aroused, no hands- paws stroking you, etc.

Then last night I was on Omegle and decided that I'd play as a pup, so I put some things in my settings regarding petplay, and eventually I was matched with someone who was also interested in "pup". I introduced myself as a 23 year old puppy who was locked in chastity and the woman I was speaking with seemed very interested. As the conversation continued I was definitely in puppy mode and was emoting things that I would have been doing had she been there, and I kept getting all of the "oh you are just TOO cute!" type of responses...which....because I'm a little attention whore, drove me wild.

In the scene we were playing out she was teasing me mercilessly, to the point where I was begging her to stop, because she knew I didn't have a key, and even when I was "at my breaking point" she told me how she'd love to stop but I was "just so cute" lying there wriggling around and humping the air with my little puppy cock.

I had really forgotten how much I loved puppy play. The more I think about it....I want it more and more. I want to get pierced, so my cage is 100% secure. I want to be a good little horny frustrated puppy for my Mommy. I've mentioned puppy play to her in passing and she's actually kind of referred to it before, and loves the thought of me sleeping at the foot of the bed or on the floor next to her like a good puppy........I want to be so horny, and frustrated, and completely powerless and helpless because my poor little puppy paws couldn't even grab onto my little frustrated puppy cock even if I was allowed out of my little metal prison.

Don't even get me started on how it would feel to be allowed to "masturbate" for her. Puppies can't use their hands, that's for sure. Maybe she'd keep me locked up until I could make myself come from humping her leg, or foot, or a little pillow. I know she'd get a kick out of that, she loves to watch me squirm.....and making it so that I had to come like a little puppy would drive us both wild.

We're going to have to talk about this some more...definitely.

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  1. I have been getting interested in puppy play alot over the past year. It is probably my favorite thing now because of the reasons you explained. I even got to play out a scenario with my Mommy where she tied me up by a leash and left me to go out. We aren't doing anything as of late, but your experiences are inspiring me to ask her for some more puppy play. I can't wait to hear how your situation turns out.