Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh wow. Just wow.

Okay so I posted how things were going better and how Mommy has been allowing me more privileges sexually....

Well just a few minutes ago I was allowed to worship her pussy. mmmmmm. She was lying on the couch and beckoned me over, so we started snuggling and kissing and I could tell she was getting excited. I asked, very politely if I "could have the pleasure of kissing her" and she nodded.

I helped her disrobe and even rolled of her socks, and she took those sexy little feet and stuck them up into the air...right in my face...I kissed and sucked on her feet and toes all the while my eyes were stuck on her gorgeous womanhood. She was so wet just from my kissing her neck, it drives me mad just thinking about it.

I knelt down on the couch and started kissing her and eventually we moved to where I was on the floor kneeling (where I should've been all long, lol) and she came really hard. REALLY hard. It was fucking amazing.

Afterwards, I was rinsing my mouth out like a good boy (she likes me to do that afterwards so we can kiss and stuff) and I laid down on the bed and pulled her on top of me and thanked her. She smiled and thanked me for being "such a good little boy", then stood up told to me pick some stuff up.

I whimpered because I wanted some attention and she told me to stop, and then I was told again to do the thing she asked. I whined a little more and she motioned that I was going to get spanked and told me to stand.... I hesitated and she started counting.


She grabbed my hair really fucking hard and pulled me up to her, and then spanked my bottom...which only really turned me on more. I told her how much I loved when she did that and she took the opportunity to pull my head around a little more and made me kiss her.

So I did what I was told, and then she told me to go sit on the couch so I could rub her feet, and then after a couple minutes of foot rubbing I could feel it.



that submissive boy feeling...when you can't even control your own little penis....

and I knew I was leaking for her.