Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life gets in the way again

I've been really stressed out lately.

Graduating college, looking for work....Only getting two interviews in the two months I've been looking....

and it's really gotten to me. Apparently I was being kind of an asshole kind of a lot.

We talked about it in depth the other day and she was explaining how it was making her feel and I felt pretty horrible about it all.

Of course she hasn't been in the mood for anything kinky since.

....but yesterday I asked if I could be naughty and she said yes. She unlocked me and then went into another room to take care of something while I uhm...did my "business" :P

and then last night, she was laying there next to me and she is just so fucking gorgeous. I was kissing all over her and running my hands up and down that body and she was letting me tease her nipples. I told her how I'd give anything to wrap my lips around one of those soft, pert, pink beauties and latch onto it.

She smiled down at me and shook her head. "You have to earn it!"
I nodded softly, "y...yes Ma'am."
Then she smiled again and said "Okay, but just for a few minutes."

I think it was more because I had turned her on, and less that I had earned it. :P

So I laid there next to her and wrapped my mouth around her soft, pink nipples and suckled for a few minutes, flicking them with my tongue and making sure she was enjoying it.

I have a huge breastfeeding fetish, which is weird because I don't really like the Adult Baby side of ageplay, and I am always kind of worried that it bugs her that I like to...well....suckle, when I'm kissing her breasts.

I asked her about it and she just smiled and reassured me that she did like it.

Which I guess makes sense, because....otherwise, she wouldn't let me. :P

Either way, it was nice. She gave me the pleasure of worshipping her breasts and I'm grateful. Hopefully if I can continue to be a good boy and talk about my feeling instead of getting all stressed and being an ass, I'll get a lot more rewards like that.

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