Monday, January 30, 2012

So I'm gonna graduate in May.

How weird is that?

School has been...what....a good 18 years of my life now?

It's an odd feeling, knowing that this is where it happens. This is the shift.

I'm just babbling and thinking out loud, basically. I'm nervous, and excited, and even more nervous about being able to find work after I get my degree. I know it will work out one way or another, I just have so many things I want to do. I can't get into specifics without being as anonymous as I try to be, obviously, but there are a lot of different paths in front of me and it's a bit overwhelming. I need to take some time this semester and step back out of the box, and look at everything all together.

Anyway, other than that, nothing much is new. Have been talking to someone I went to high school with on Fetlife, and it turns out she's a Mommy too, so that's been fun. I've just been focused on school and getting everything squared away, so that's kept me busy, sorry for being boring!

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  1. God, I wish I could call my wife Mommy all the time. Pretty cool that there are women who like that.